Are wooden watches a fad or are they here to stay?  It can certainly be said that over the last decade or so, wooden watches have had an up-sweep in popularity.  Large sites like Forbes and The Guardian have contributed to the rise in this trend and have helped lit the fire that has started a wood watch craze.

Let’s take an analytical approach to the popularity of wooden watches in the online community:

Wood Watch Trend

Above is a screenshot from Google trends.  The scale on the left is 0 to 100 which represents the interest in the topic.  You can see interest has been rising since early 2012, with a peak in later 2016 as this was the Christmas period.

More proof of this new fascination is the new businesses that have cropped up.  Here are just some of the recent brands that have started in the last decade –  WeWOOD (2009), Grovemade (2009), Original Grain (2013), Jord (2013) and Treehut (2014).

The internet is showing more and more love towards wood timepieces; however a Google search will show watch pundits commenting that they are simply a gimmick and not here to stay.

Gimmick:  ‘a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or trade.’

Are they really a gimmick?  The short answer is a definitive NO. 

There are watches out there that are definitely sold for a quick profit – they can be built from plastic, metal or wood.  The point is, watches can be gimmicky regardless of what material they are made of.

Like any product, there are wooden watches that are cheaply made.  Do a little bit of research (which we have done for you!) and you’ll find many reputable brands that produce masterfully crafted timepieces that are an artwork as well as a way to tell the time.

For example, Tense is a popular brand that have been making wooden watches for decades (created by a designer with more than 50 years’ experience).  They sell watches from around $100 to over $1000.  This is a serious brand with serious products.  Throw in 2 years warranty and it’s easy to see that these business back the quality of their products.

Tense Watch Trend

Tense Men’s Trail Dark Sandalwood Watch

We all know that the environment and its preservation has been of paramount importance for many years.  Many manufactures including those that produce wooden watches have jumped on this bandwagon and produce environmentally friendly products as a response to consumer demands.

You’ll find that a good majority of wooden watch brands have environmentally friendly initiatives such as planting a tree for every watch sold.  Furthermore; the woods used to create the timepieces are typically recycled, re-purposed or reclaimed.  WeWOOD are just one of many brands that follow these principles and have partnered with initiatives like American Forests and Trees for the Future.

American Forests and Plant Trees, Change Lives

The growing trend of wooden watches is in fact a reality!  If anything, we will only continue to see a rise in popularity in the industry as has been shown in the last 5 years.

Consumers are leaning towards an eco-friendly product and experienced watch collectors are beginning to open their eyes to the quality and fashionable nature of wooden timepieces.