WeWOOD Watches

WeWOOD Watches

WeWOOD was established around 2009 in Lamporecchio (Florence), Italy when two designers Alessandro Rosano and Daniele Guidi collaborated to create a sophisticated yet sustainable watch brand.  By 2010 WeWOOD had opened its first office in Los Angeles.

Giving Back

WeWOOD uses mostly reclaimed and recycled wood to construct their all natural wooden watches.  Reclaimed wood is wood that is recovered from old furniture, buildings etc that is then re-purposed.

Apart from using recycled and reclaimed wood, WeWOOD also tackle issues of deforestation, drought and wildfires by planting trees.  Having partnered with tree planting organisations ‘American Forests‘ and ‘Trees for the Future‘, WeWOOD have pledged to plant a tree for every watch purchase – hence the slogan ‘You buy a watch, we plant a tree’.  Business has been good and as of 2014 they have planted over 300,000 trees.  WeWOOD have been part of dozens of projects across the globe from planting trees in Malaysia and Argentina to China and Ethiopia.  By 2020, they company has set the lofty goal of planting 1 million trees.

Got Wood?

WeWOOD source mostly recycled and reclaimed wood from all over the world.  Their maple wood is from the United States and China and goes into making some of their very popular watches such as the date beige watch which currently comes in 3 different styles.

WeWOOD Watch - 3 Date Biege

They also use African blackwood, Tasmanian brownwood, Indian rosewood, verawood from South America, walnut wood from Eastern Europe and Asia and Teak wood from Indonesia.  WeWOOD offer more than 20 different watch designs that each use an array of woods.  The popular Kappa line which has been dubbed the ‘flagship’ watch of WeWOOD, incorporates several woods.

WeWOOD Watch Brands Kappa Line

Every watch is truly unique due to the natural properties of wood.  Each watch has it’s own unique shades, textures and grains.  Aside from the glass, dial elements and inside clockwork, the watches are completely natural, hypo-allergenic and chemical-free.  The watches are powered by the reliable Japanese Miyota movement.  In summary:

  • Over 20 watch designs each incorporating several woods
  • Primarily recycled and reclaimed wood is used
  • WeWOOD will plant a tree for every watch purchased
  • Watches are hypo-allergenic, chemically free (no dyes are used) and 100% natural
  • Powered by Japanese Miyota movement
  • All WeWOOD watches are truly unique
  • Splash proof (perfect for day to day use!).

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