wewood-date-watch-2-trimmedIntroduced several years ago, this classically designed wood watch has been a hallmark of WeWOOD and proves to be a popular choice today.  We review the teak wood variety in the hopes that it will help you make an informed decision before deciding to make a purchase.  Be sure to check  out our other WeWOOD watch reviews here.

As expected with other brands promoting eco-based wood products, this watch comes minimally packaged in a small cardboard box.  This saves room and and extra shipping costs.  Complementary to this, they also plant a tree for every purchase so your money is helping the environment.

WeWOOD kept this watch within the bounds of a classic design. A round wood frame sits upon the base which connects to an average sized band (0.94 inches or 24mm).  There are nice touches on the bezel, with the trademark WeWOOD logo and compass signs.  Time is adjustable on the side simply by pulling out the crown.  A nice surprise is that the crown is made out of the same wood as the rest of the watch  (I’ve seen other watches use a metal crown which inadvertently break the consistency of the design).

Powered by the renowned and reliable Miyota quartz movement,you can rest assured that the watch will keep and accurate measure of the time.  There is also plenty of room to adjust the band. WeWOOD ensures that their watch band is large enough to accommodate even a large wrist.  If you have a smaller wrist, you can remove the watch links by removing the pins.  It should cost a very small fee to have this done professionally by a jeweler.

Extremely light weight, wood is lighter than many types of metals that typically constitute other watches.  This watch weighs in at only 1.6 ounce (45 grams).  To give you some perspective, a typical metal watch can weigh from 3.5 ounces to 5.5 ounces.  The watch is  100% natural teak wood, hypo-allergenic and completely free of toxic chemicals. What does this mean? It means that for most people, the watch will not have any allergic reactions to your skin.  It is also super light so you won’t suffer any wrist fatigue.

As mentioned, this particular model that we have reviewed is made out of teak wood.  The grain is typically straight with an uneven texture and moderate to  low luster.  In other words, the watch appears uniform in color and may feewewood-packagel rough in certain areas.  We believe that this is a neutral wood choice – it is relatively muted and does not stand out as other wood types do.  Therefore; if you are looking for a more conformed watch style then this type will definitely appeal to you.  This watch is also unisex in design, meaning that it is suitable for both men and women.

Given the name of this timepiece you might expect some sort of date display, but alas, none is to be found.  As typical with other wood watches, this watch may be a bit more ‘rough’ looking when viewed up close to what you expect.  Depending on the cut of wood and the grain of the wood, your particular watch might be a bit rougher looking than others.  Made out of an organic material, this watch will not be as smooth or shiny as its other metal counterparts.  We found no issues in terms of durability however some buyers have reported the face crinkling or beginning to lift off the bezel.  There is a 2 year warranty, so manufacturer defects are covered.  We hope you enjoyed our WeWOOD watch review, and more importantly, hope it makes your buying decision easier.

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