In this review I take a look at the Unisex WeWOOD Assunt Nut Watch. WeWOOD are renowned for their quirky designs and individual touches to their watches.  Does this watch warrant the $100+ price tag?  Let’s find out.


Walnut2.15 ounces (61 g)+ Day of month display
Case DiameterBand WidthBand Length
1.81 inches (46 mm)1 inch (25,4 mm)8.25 inches (210 mm)


wewood-watch-walnut-3I thoroughly enjoyed the overall look of this timepiece – mainly because of the walnut wood and design of the watch face.  It is not too often I see walnut being used in many watches, and so I can appreciate its use here.  Walnut is not considered a coarse wood, but it is not smooth either.  This means you will definitely be able to feel the watch on your skin, but it will not be rough.  As for the wood grain, it is mainly straight which adds to the natural smooth appearance of the watch.

Another property of walnut is that it is one of the most durable woods so you can expect this watch to be highly resistant to wear and tear.  Walnut is also considered a pricey wood which helps in justifying the $100 plus price point.

I love the face of the watch.  The face almost looks like a sun-dial as it contains two sets of second markings – which when I think about it, is appropriate for any watch, after all the sun has a deep connection with the passage of time.  The watch hands are light in color which makes it super easy to view the time.  I love the fact that the hands themselves are only outlines.  This creates more space on the watch  face and creates the illusion of a more simple design.  To complete the look, the bezel is a light shade of walnut which clearly distinguishes the watch face from the rest of the body.

Finally, we come to the metal crown.  In typical WeWOOD style, they have place the crown diagonally to the watch face.  This is a quirky feature which you are sure to enjoy, and from my research it poses no issue in time or date adjustment.  Keep in mind that this is also billed as a ‘unisex’ watch meaning it is suitable for wearing for both men and women.


I feel that WeWOOD have done a good job of creating a unique and intelligent watch that is durable and fun to look at.  Considering that it is made out of the pricey walnut wood, the price is more than justified and I can recommend this timepiece to anyone looking for an aesthetically pleasing and quality watch.  This watch also makes an appearance on our top ten WeWOOD watches article so be sure to check that out!

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