Today, I take a look at a men’s wooden watch – the WeWOOD kappa black watch.  They offer 6 colors in this range and it is the black color that I will be reviewing today.  I hope to provide you with valuable information that will help you make the right decision.  Feel free to leave a comment below.


Case Diameter:  1.79 inches (45.5 mm)

Band Width:  1.02 inches (26 mm)

Band Length:  8.25 inches  (209.55 mm)

Movement:  Miyota

Features:  3 Dial Display


WeWood Watch Review: Men's Kappa Black Wooden Watch

WeWOOD have designed this watch out of walnut and you will find a relatively conservative appearance compared to watches made out of more ‘organic’ looking woods such as bamboo or zebrawood.  The grain is straight with a medium texture.  The watch also has a nice natural shine to it, almost like a polish.  This particular black colored variation is especially muted in appearance so I can see it appealing to the more conservative watch wearer.  Walnut is also a very durable wood with a natural rot resistance.

The watch face features a three-dial setup (day, date and 24 hour dial).  They all have clear markings but I found that they are prone to being obscured by the thick hands as they cross over.  Perhaps WeWOOD could have been more conscientious by using thinner hands.  They have also decided to use the full WeWood text as the logo on the face.  This text is using a thick font which makes it difficult to read especially against the black dial.  Along with the 3 dials and thick hands, using the full WeWood text does make the face look a bit crowded and I feel that using the ‘W’ logo as they do on other watches would have been sufficient.

You will also find the WeWood logo on the crown of the watch as well as the clasp.  There are a total of 15 links resulting in a band length of 8.25 inches (210 mm).  This is plenty of room for most wrists.  The crown is metal in appearance and goes well with the metallic tinged hands and grey imprinted dial markings.

Unfortunately, many customers have reported a weak construction with this watch.  Russel Whitman from Amazon says ‘pins keep falling out…’ while Phillip A. Foster mentions ‘after only wearing it for regularly for a short time the knot set the time and date fell off’.  This sentiment was also shared by Alisa Andrews who stated ‘Went to set the watch and the stem fell off’.  The upside to this is that there is of course warranty so you will be covered if any of this was to happen, but at this price you would expect these issue to be mostly non-existent.  WeWood also plant a tree for every watch purchase which is a nice sentiment.


I feel that this time keeper is lacking in some smart design decisions.  The hands will obscure the time dials upon passing over them and the WeWood logo looks a bit too chunky to suit an otherwise crowded watch face.  There is also a lack of quality in the construction of the watch with customers reporting the crown and links breaking.  If you are interested in our other WeWOOD reviews, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten WeWOOD watches as well as other WeWOOD reviews.

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