In this review, I take a close look at the WeWood Kardo Men’s Chocolate Watch.  I’ve come to appreciate the intricate watch face design that WeWOOD offers in many of their watches.  The Kardo Men’s chocolate watch is one such timepiece.  I hope that by the end of this review I can help you make the right purchasing decision.


Wood:  Indian Rosewood
Band Width:  8.75 inches (222.25 mm)
Case Diameter:  1.75 inches (46 mm)


WeWood Watch Review: Kardo Watch FrontLet’s start with the most important part which is the watch face as it is quite an interesting spectacle and requires close inspection.

There are two dials, one is a date display and the other is a 24 hour time display.  Unlike other typical watch designs, these dials have been peculiarly placed at the bottom and right center of the main dial.  They both have a cyan and blue colored hand.  What I love is the fact that on the left are two lines close to the bezel that are the same colors.  This helps balance the symmetry of the face and adds a quirky design element.

There are inner second markings on the dial which mimic and are aligned with the second markings on the bezel.  Unfortunately in this design WeWOOD have had to compromise the visibility of some elements.  In this case, it is the large numbers on the dial.  Both the 2 and 6 are partially obscured by the smaller dials.  Reading the time is still easy to do especially since the second hand features a yellow coloring towards the tip.  With all the elements on the dial it is nice to see a lighthouse signal that makes for easy viewing of the time.

The wood used is Indian rosewood which features a medium texture and small pores.  It is also rated as highly durable and naturally resistant to the elements.  On close examination, you will notice hues of purples and red through the wood which give a natural look to the piece.  The rosewood does add a premium and uniform element to the watch which complements the colorful and intricate face.

In my research I did see some customers complain about the wood breaking or splintering upon making adjustments.  If adjustments are required it is always recommended to take the watch to a jeweler.


I think this is a watch that grows on you.  At first you make look at it and think it is not for you.  But once you start looking close at all the details you begin to appreciate the effort and intelligence that WeWOOD have put into designing this time keeper.  We love this design so much that it’s been included in our WeWOOD top ten list.

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