Treehut is comprised of a team of 20 people dedicated to hand making a variety of watches in their San Francisco studio. Each watch can also be engraved with a custom message.


Treehut’s strong point is the simplicity of their designs and the subtle differences they offer between watch models.  The key differences between the watches are the color of some of the dial elements, such as the watch hands as well as the type of wood used.  Unlike other watch brands such as WeWOOD, Tense or even Bewell, you won’t find that much variation between the watch designs.

Treehut make their watches out of a variety of woods including ebony, walnut, bamboo, zebrawood and redwood.  For those who like a classic looking watch with a circular face, Treehut could have what you are looking for.  In summary:

  • Each watch is hand assembled and polished
  • Engraving service
  • Hypo-allergenic and not treated with chemicals
  • 100% Real Wood
  • All Treehut watches are truly unique due to the wood grain and natural variances in wood
  • Minimalist and simplistic design

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