In today’s review, I take a look at the Tense Men’s rosewood metallic dial watch.  I was drawn to this watch by the metallic properties that have been integrated into the watch design.  Let’s find out if this pays off to create a unique and lasting timepiece!


Wood:  Rosewood Case Diameter:  1.77 inches (45 mm) Band Width:  0.83 inches (21 mm) Features:  Day of month display



I could not help but admire the unique appearance of the watch face and that is where the value of this watch is and therefore it will be given the most attention in this evaluation.  It nice to know that Tense gave extra attention to the watch face as it is by far the most important feature of any watch.

What I love about the watch face is the multi-ringed bezel design.  At first we have the typical wood bezel surrounding the dial.  This is then followed by an inner stainless steel ring.  Now comes the interesting part.  There is another ring of second indications which form their own bezel inside the watch case.  Then there is another circle of hour indications which sit on more than a dozen or so tightly enclosed metallic rings.  Following this is a clear inner violet colored circle which rounds off (and makes for easy viewing) of the hour, minute and second hands.

Instantly when I look at this it reminds me of a vintage record player.  We have multiple circles within circles and the hands themselves are metallic – very akin to the needle of a record player.  I’m not sure if Tense was going for this type of look or not but it definitely pays off to create a unique and premium looking watch face.  There is also a nice gold frame finish to the date display which does well to keep a consistent design with the gold dial accents.

It is a smart choice that this watch is also made out of rosewood.  Rosewood has a medium texture and small pores.  It is alstense-metallic-wood-watch-backo super durable which adds to the quality of this intricately designed timepiece.  Compared to other woods, rosewood is a conservative looking wood and was chosen to draw attention to the watch face.

This is touted as a men’s wood watch but I feel it could be suitable for women as well.  Although the case diameter is 1.77 inches (45 mm), the face itself is a lot smaller and the watch band is 0.82 inches wide (21 mm) which isn’t too large for a woman, especially if you have medium to large wrists.


I feel that Tense has produced a wonderfully unique looking watch that is made out of a durable and quality wood.  A close inspection is definitely required to appreciate the intricate detail that has gone into making this vintage looking timepiece.  This design is all about attention to detail and the Tense Rosewood metallic dial watch offers this in spades.  I highly recommend this watch to anyone looking for something different that comes with the premium qualities expected at this price range.  If you liked this review, be sure to check out our other Tense watch reviews!

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