Original Grain Wooden Watches

Original Grain Wooden Watches

“The Premium Makers of Wood & Steel Watches”

A very bold statement and one that proves true when it comes to Original Grain watches.  Across the wood watch brands, Original Grain are the only ones that solely focus on the integration of metal and wood.

Founded by Ryan Beltran in 2013, Original Grain has sought to become the premier brand of wooden and metal watches.

Ryan Beltran Original Grain Founder

Born in Portland Oregon, Ryan sought to design his own brand of watch with heavy influences from the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  He transformed his dream into a reality in Guangzhou, one of China’s booming manufacturing hubs.  To this day, Original Grain continue to produce solid and reliable watches which meet the demands of a niche market (metal and wood watches) within a niche (wood watches).

A Watch for All Styles

The woods they use include maple from the USA, verawood from Argentina, pau rosa (rosewood) from Africa, ebony from Indonesia and American oak from whiskey barrels.

They offer women’s and men’s style watches that range from 40 mm to 47 mm in diameter.  You’ll find their watches include combinations of Italian leather and stainless steel with wood typically being used in the links, bezel and dial.  Depending on the watch model, you’ll find either mineral or sapphire crystal being used as the dial cover.  The watches are also powered by Japanese Miyota quartz movement.

Original Grain have partnered with Trees for the Future with the mission of planting 10 trees for every watch sold.  Furthermore; they source their woods from reliable areas which are FSC certified.

Although they don’t sport a huge variety of watches like Bewell, Tense or WeWOOD, Original Grain provide enough variation to appeal to the tastes of most consumers looking for a wood and metal hybrid timepiece.  Their minimalist line is perfect as a dress watch whilst the classic or the barrel range offers a more casual look.  For those looking for a more sporty watch, you’ll find this in their alterra chrono offering.


Perhaps the most unique element in these watches is the use of American oak which has been sourced from reclaimed Kentucky oak barrels that were once used to store bourbon for up to 4 years.

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