Mistura Wooden Watches

Mistura Wooden Watches

Mistura offer some of the most unique watches on the market today.  Where many brands have similarities across their designs, Mistura goes boldly into unknown territory with strikingly geometric watch faces and art inspired dials.

The business was established in 2005 by Daniel Schemel and 2 best friends.  With no previous watch making experience, Daniel and his team began creating watches in Carlton, Texas and perfected the process by getting feedback from other watch makers and friends.

Mistura Watches Team

Today, Mistura watches are assembled in Colombia and are available to consumers all over the globe.  It takes an astonishingly 85 hours on average to assemble one of these tiny works of art.  It’s a 7 step process which involves drying the wood, carving, moisturizing and polishing, assembling, tailoring of the strap and finally completing the details.

Unique Design

There are several elements on Mistura watches that separate them from the crowd of wood watch brands.  They are strikingly geometric and feature rectangular, hexagonal and oval shaped dials to just name a few.  Perhaps the most intriguing design element is the use of 100% real flowers that have been immortalised in the dial in some of their watches.  These flowers are gathered from Santa Elena in Colombia and showcase the dedication to creating organic and artistic timepieces.

Mistura Watch Imbedded Design

Kamera Santa Elena Collection with Pui Wood

All of the watches carry a 5 year limited warranty and feature a stainless steel prong buckle.  Japanese quartz movement by Citizen is the main movement used.  Mistura has priced the watches from the mid-level $189 Volkano wood collection to the high-end $649 Quantico Master edition.  This particular model is built with a self-winding automatic movement and is sapphire coated, hence the higher price tag.

With a mission to help the environment, Mistura build their watches using wood only from renewable sources.  They are partnered with conTREEbute – an environmental initiative – and are helping to plant new trees in Colombia.

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