Mistura develop some of the most interesting looking timepieces on the market today and are heralded for their high quality craftsmanship.  In fact, it takes up to 85 hours of hand making to create one of these watches and so it’s no surprise they also come with a hefty price tag.  Let’s take a look at one of the bestselling models – the unisex Ferro wood watch.



Wood:  Pui
Metal:  Copper
Band:  Leather
Clasp:  Prong buckle
Movement:  Japanese Miyota quartz
Case Diameter:  49 mm | 1.92″
Case Thickness:  10 mm | 0.4″
Band Width:  42 mm | 1.65″
Band Length:  246 mm | 10.08″
Weight:  58 g | 2.05 oz

Watch Case and Band

Like other Mistura watches, the first think you’ll notice is the uniquely shaped case.  The edge of the case features delicately carved groves separated by wood pieces that slant upwards towards the dial.  Similarly, the dial is half oval shaped like the groves which creates a cohesive design.

The case is made from pui wood that is harvested in South America.  It is incredibly strong and rot resistant.  Mistura also age woods by 6 months to increase durability resulting in an even more robust construction.

Ferro means ‘containing iron’ and appropriately the dial has several gold painted copper elements that match the crown.  I also love the red metallic color of the dial with its lined decals that brings in some South American flair and really makes the watch pop.

The band is made from 100% genuine leather and coated black.  It’s 7 mm narrower than the case and is attached via a pin on either side.  Given the dimensions, the watch sits more like a bracelet then a conventional watch.  To most wearers it will appear to have a vertical orientation and move down the wrist instead of across it.

Mistura Ferro Wood Watch Vertical Orientation Review

I must say the band looks to be very durable.  It’s attached to every single wood groove meaning there are a total of 6 attachments on either side holding the band to the case.  Unless you decide to deliberately tear the band from the lugs I can’t see anything falling off anytime soon.

A stainless steel prong buckle that is similar to most conventional belts is what you’ll be using to close the band.  As long as your wrist falls within a normal spectrum you should be able to easily adjust the band to your desired fit.


Powering the movement of the hands is Japanese Miyota quartz.  This is a respected and reliable movement and there will be no issues in keeping accurate time.  We know some of you watch aficionados will be disappointed – at this price point we could expect a more premium movement like the Swiss Ronda.  The SR626SW battery is housed in the case and is a standard power solution so you’ll have no difficulty in finding a replacement when it runs out which should take at least a couple of years.


Mistura prices its watches in a mid to high market bracket and I think this is for good reason.  The timepieces take many hours to make of which 90% of the process is by hand.  On top of this, you are also paying for an exclusively unique design and the premium craftsmanship that comes from a non-machine based building process.

The Ferro watch represents a love affair for building nature inspired and sentimental watches.  The wooden case is meticulously carved from the South American pui tree and adorns a copper inspired dial.  This model also comes in 10 other varieties that have different combinations of band color and dial, so you’re sure to find something you like.

Mistura 3 Designs Reviews

I can tell that this timepiece will separate two types of people – those who hate it and those who love it.  If you love it then I can safely recommend this watch.  It is really more than a watch, it’s an artwork that sits on your wrist and reminds you of the beauty of nature every time you look at it.

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