Maui Kool Wooden Watches

Maui Kool Wooden Watches

Maui Kool are a brand that focus on providing eco-friendly watch products made from a variety of woods. The name ‘Maui Kool’ is Hawaiian inspired as Maui is the second largest Hawaiian island.

They currently offer 3 collections – the women’s Hana collection, the men’s Kaanapali collection and the unisex Lahaina collection. All of the collections are actually named after 3 provinces of Maui.

Prices are around the $100 – $150 mark though you should be able to grab these watches for less then $100 on Amazon.

Collection Overview

The Hana and Kaanapali collection watches are the most unique and appealing and offer colorful faces with small second sub-dials.  The woods used include sandalwood, zebrawood, walnut, ebony, purpleheart and the Hawaiin koa wood.

As mentioned, the face colors are the most special part of the design and range from green, rose gold and turquoise to coffee, blue and white.

The Hana collection features one of the more smaller watches across wood watches with a case diameter of only 34 mm (1.34″).  The Kaanapali watches are drastically larger, measuring at 56 mm (2.2″)


Top Row – Kaanapali Collection (Left to Right): Ebony/black,  zebrawood/green, sandalwood/rose gold. Bottom Row – Hana Collection (Left to Right): Black sandalwood/orange, walnut/fuchsia hot pink, zebrawood/turquoise

A standard Japanese quartz movement is used to power the hour and minute hands, along with the seconds sub-dial.

The Lahaina collection is more straightforward with more classic watch designs that feature maple, black sandalwood and zebrawood.  The case diameter is 42 mm (1.65″) and suitable for both men and women.  The Lahaina collection is quite generic and you’ll find these types of models across many other watch brands – and for less cost – so it’s recommended to shop elsewhere if you want one from this collection.


From left to right: Maui Kool Lahaina maple watch, WeWOOD date watch, Bewell W020A maple watch

Overall, the Hana and Kaanapali collection are worth checking out as they feature eye-popping designs that really reflect the relaxed and colorful lifestyle of Hawaii.

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