Established in 1961, Martin and MacArthur is a Hawaiian business which has its roots in producing fine furniture using Koa wood.  Today, they produce a wide range of products including furniture, watches, glasses and other fashion accessories.

Martin and MacArthur watches are hand assembled in British Columbia, Canada.  The watches are made from a variety of woods from both Hawaii and North America.  Koa wood from fallen or dead Koa trees from Hawaii is used while hardwoods like rosewood and maple are harvested from the United States.

There are over 125 different styles of watches ranging from a $125.00 Koa pocket watch to a $1,950 monarch self-winding watch.

Although they don’t use as many types of woods like some other brands, they do offer a diverse number of styles with unique premium features depending on your budget.  For example, the koa wood watch pictured below features an injection of the pacific ocean – a genuine mother of pearl face.

Martin and MacArthur Koa Wood Watch

In terms of movements, you will find some watches using a standard quartz movements, while others will use a more premium mechanism such as self-powered Citizen perpetual motion.  Indeed, if you are looking to spend a lot of money on a wooden timepiece with premium features, then Martin and MacArthur may have what you are looking for.

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