Luno Wear Wooden Watches

Luno Wear Wooden Watches

Luno Wear was founded by Boman Farrer and Ryan Krantz who both grew up on the east side of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Boman’s grandfather Calvin Farrer – a lifelong watchmaker – also plays a part in the business having lend his watchmaking experience into helping Boman create a watch they can both be proud of.

Calvin’s father was also a watchmaker, and thus over 100 years of watchmaking history has been brought to the brand.

Luno Wear Founders Boman Farrer (left) and Ryan Krantz (right)

Luno Wear Founders Boman Farrer (left) and Ryan Krantz (right).

The brand was established in 2014 and provides a small range of women and men’s watches that are made from either ebony or bamboo as well as a genuine leather band.  Mineral crystal is used to cover the watch face with the movement being of quartz variety.

Luno Wear Watches


Luno Wear was initially a kickstarter initiative titled ’73 Year Old Watchmaker Launches NEWEST Watch with Grandson.’  Kickstarter is an online platform to help raise money for new projects in which backers pledge a sum of money.

17 days into the project, Luno Wear had raised over $420,000.  With 18 days left in the campaign, Kickstarter suspended the project.

What caused this sudden turn of events?  Many of the backers found near identical watches online for half the price (sources include Alibaba).  Indeed, even the 73 year old grandfather did not have much to do with the design process.

It seems that Luno Wear falsely marketed their campaign to mislead backers in that they were bringing 100 years of horologist family history into the design of their unique timepieces.

Fast forward and they have switched from Kickstarter to Indiegogo – another similar website to help raise funds for their project.  They have repeatedly claimed they are not a scam and blame Kickstarter for not doing their homework.

They also claim that they have also the files and information needed to prove that they are the original designers of the watch.  Furthermore; their grandfather was involved in the process by helping them pick quality and reliable components.

Regardless, this has been a story of false claims resulting in a public backlash.  It’s unfortunate that the brand has been marred by such a story especially if what Luno Wear’s claims are true – that their products have been designed by them with the help of their grandfather.

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