Jord Wooden Watches

Jord Wooden Watches

Jord – Danish for ‘Earth’ – was established in 2013 and is headquartered in Missouri, USA.  The brand was founded by Salman Shah who is the creative mind behind the wood watches.  He has worked as the creator, designer, logistics manager and face for the Jord brand.

Jord Founder

Salman Shah

“Our company seeks to differentiate itself from current providers by becoming a premium brand of wood timepieces.”

Indeed, Jord features a wide range of wood watches that range from $139 – $395 in price, placing them squarely in the mid to high market range.

Refreshingly, Jord feature a number of woods not commonly seen across other manufacturers.  These include kosso, olive, acaia, purpleheart and golden camphor.

True to the statement above, Jord watches sport premium features that rise them above mid-level wooden watches.  Sapphire crystal (second to only diamond in hardness) is used for the dial covers for the more expensive timepieces.  A variety of movements are used such as the no battery self-winding Sea-Gull movement which is featured in the dover series:

Olive and Acacia Dover series watch

For an additional cost they also offer several services including watch engraving, watch box engraving and watch sizing.

The Jord brand is centered on the concept of the journey and that every second counts.  Their watches are built around this core belief and their timepieces aim to tell more than just time.

‘We make our watches for people who don’t just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go’

The jord range includes over 10 designs for both men and women.  Most of the designs are also quite unique and you won’t find them in other watch brands.  The women’s Reece series is particularly unique and features a rectangular watch face powered by Swiss Ronda movement.


Women’s Reece Series


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