Cucol Wooden Watches

Cucol Wooden Watches

Cucol was founded from the inspiration Allen Ye had when he visited Hawaii with his wife.  The natural beauty, relaxed lifestyle and balance between the elements of earth, fire, air, wood and water that he found prompted him to start his own nature inspired line of watches.  Thus Cucol was born in 2006.

“Cucol, possibly a mythical place, maybe a real Hawaiin beauty spot…”

The Hawaain inspired brand provides a variety of watches for both men and women.  The wood used includes sandalwood, bamboo and redwood oak.  The prices range from around $30 to $80 thereby placing the brand in the budget to mid range.

Disappointingly, clicking on the products gives you their dimensions but doesn’t tell you much about the movement or materials used.  I’d imagine most people interested in these watches probably would not care too much about these details so it’s probably not a terrible thing for the business.

From looking at the pictures, some of the watches do actually have a Swiss movement.  I’m guessing the rest have the standard Japanese quartz.

Fittingly, the names of their collections are related to time and are called morning, afternoon, dusk and per diem (latin for ‘per day’).

Cucol-Morning-Collection Review

Cucol Morning Collection

Across the 4 collections they offer a healthy range of designs – from all wood constructions to using leather bands.  Their watches are comparable to Bewells’ and are similar looking and priced.

Overall they are a decent pick if you are looking for watches on a budget.

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