Bewell introduces us the ZS – WO86B model watch.  This particular model comes in 5 different wood varieties – ebony, maple, red sandalwood, verawood, zebrawood so there are plenty of options for you to choose from.  Today we will be reviewing the zebrawood variety.

The watch implements aBewell ZS W0861 classic design template – a round face with a clear contrast of the watch hands and dial (the maple and verwood samples are especially vivid).  The dial itself contains markings up to the 12 hour mark.   The bezel has incremental second markings up until 45 which is then followed by Bewell’s branded logo.  The watch band is of typical length and should accommodate most wrists.

The right center of the face has the day of month display.  Note that you will need to adjust this date manually as it goes up to 31.  Any month that does not have this number of days will need to be manually adjusted.  The day dial will begin to transition when the minute hand is 10 or so minutes into the 23rd hour.  You will see that as the minute hand passes over the hour mark, the day display will completely switch over to the next day.

Bewell has done a sound job in this department as the transition occurs accurately to the time.  The crown is metal – which I would expect at this price range, it also makes sense as it lowers the chance of breaking as a metal crown is generally more durable than it’s wooden counterpart.Bewell ZS W086

Some buyers have reported some of the links breaking during pin removal.  Bewell has decided to implement pressure pins rather then screws which is probably one of the reason for this.  Others have stated the battery not working after less than a month.  One user also stated that the zebrawood variety has an unpleasant odour!  Amazon does provide warranty for the watch, so rest assured if any issues do happen you can always claim a refund (regardless, be sure to read the exact warranty as stated on the product listing).

What can you expect out of a zebrawood based watch?  Well, it definitely leans on the more organic side of watches.  You will notice a coarse texture and open pores, so when you are wearing the watch you will definitely feel it on your skin.  This is a lovely looking watch as well – on closer inspection you will see darker streaks through the watch which can be compared to a zebra.  We love this model of watch and have included it’s verawood counterpart on our top ten Bewell watches list.

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