I review the Bewell ZS-W065A Men’s maple wooden watch in the hope that it will help you make the correct informed decision!  Feel free to leave any comments below.  If you enjoyed this review you can visit our collection of men’s wooden watch reviews.


WoodBand WidthCase Diameter
Maple Wood0.98 inches (25 mm)1.81 inches (46 mm)
Case ThicknessFeatures
0.39 inches (10 mm)Roman Numeral Display


maple-wood-watchThe first thing I noticed is the roman numbers on the dial.  Bewell have described this watch as ‘vintage’ and I guess this is the reason why.  There are a total of 4 roman numerals (12, 3, 6 and 9) with the rest of the numbers being represented by strokes.

In between each hour mark is as small circle or dot.  This is a smart design decision and completes the look for the roman numerals – many clocks using roam numbers do indeed use a similar design.  As for the hands, they have incorporated a nice design with a line that divides the hands in two segments.  This goes well with the line markings on the dial.

Going with a simplistic approach, the second hand is straight pointer.  This definitely odes to a vintage type of design and is something that Bewell has definitely got right.  As for the bezel, it features carved variations of time markings – something you may or may not like.

The particular model is made out of maple wood which is a really clean looking wood.  You might have to look closely to notice the subtle changes in wood grain and the light and darker streaks.  This light creamy color complements the dark dial indications and makes for very easy viewing of the time.  The crown itself is metal which starkly contrasts to the rest of the timepiece – nothing else is metal except for the clasp.  If this crown was black painted it would have gone well with the already black time markings and inner bezel frame.maple-wood-watch-2

From my research there were lots of comments indicating the fragility of the timepiece.  This watch may break upon adjusting the links.  If you need to make an adjustment, a visit to the jeweler is recommended.


This is a nice looking watch with some design elements missing.  The markings on the bezel feel like an unwelcome addition, and the metal crown looks a bit out of place – surely a black color would have done better justice.  You can view our other Bewell wood watch reviews here.

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