Today I review the Bewell W021C wooden men’s watch with the aim of providing you with valuable knowledge before you make a decision to purchase.  I find that many Bewell watches are often hit and miss.  Some are high in quality while others begin to show fault after a short amount of time.  Although the quality remains a question mark, the design of these watches cannot be obscured and it is my hope to provide you an insight into this particular Bewell watch.


Wood:  Maple
Case Diameter:  1.97 inches (50 mm)
Band Width:  1.18 inches (30 mm)
Weight:  2.4 ounces (68 g)
Features:  Two independent time dials


This timepiece is all about masculine qualities and being big on size.  Clearly, Bewell are going for a chunky looking watch which they have crafted into this watch design.  This particular model is made out of maple wood and if this does not appeal to you,  there is also a red sandalwood and zebra wood variation.

bewell-w021c-mens-maple-watch-bandThe maple wood looks as you would expect.  It is smooth in texture and features light and dark brown streaks.  It is a clean and minimalist looking wood and the natural stripes add volume to an already large looking timepiece.

The watch face is surrounded by a thick and angled bezel.  I have found that a good chunk of the 1.97 inch (50 mm) watch diameter is from the thick bezel.  The face itself which features the dials can be considered average by male watch standards.  In typical masculine fashion, the face is rectangular in appearance and sits inside a black frame.

I enjoy the fact that there are two independent time displays.  One is a 6 number dial while the other is far more minimalist as it only feature 4 markings. The main advantage of two time displays is the ability to keep track of different time-zones – very handy!  Both displays are controlled by their own dials which are situated on the left and right side of their respective displays.

The band, like the rest of the watch, is also quite wide and slowly narrows as it joins to the stainless steel clasp.  If you have thick wrists than you’ll have no issues with looking proportional but any smaller and this watch will start to look a bit too big.  It was refreshing to find pins for almost all the links (except the last two links next to the clasp) which means you’ll have no issues fitting this watch.


Men who like big and chunky fashion accessories will definitely find some value in this timepiece.  The simple and no-frills face is accompanied by two dials that adds versatility and practicality.  Interestingly, Bewell decided not to have any branding and I think this is a wise decision that has complemented the minimalist design.  Be sure to check out our top ten Bewell watches as well as other Bewell watch reviews.

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