In this Bewell wood watch review, I get my hands on the Bewell women’s sandalwood watch.  I am going to go through the specifications, features and my own evaluation to help you decide if you should purchase this watch.


WoodCase DiameterBand Length
Red sandalwood1.32 inches (33.5 mm)7.5 inches (190 mm)
Band WidthWeight
0.75 inches (19 mm)1.41096 ounces (41 grams)+ Day of month display


bewell-womens-watch-3This Bewell line of watches comes in several colors.  The particular model I am looking at comes in a red sandalwood variety.  It is definitely a pretty watch – appropriate for women sporting a casual look.  The dark streaks through the case and band are very striking, even from a distance.  The bezel of the watch is also distinguishable from the rest of the band.  My model has a lighter shade of red from the rest of the body.  Since this is a wood product, every single watch is unique – this means that another watch may have a darker or lighter bezel.

There are also time markings on the bezel.  I feel that Bewell could have left these markings off as there is not a lot of real-estate to work with since it is a small watch.  As for the dial, it is sporting luminous hands and second markings which is a nice feature.  I’ve tested this and can confirm that it does work – you will be able to see the time even in darkness!  You’ll also find all the typical Bewell markings.  There is a diamond logo on the front accompanied with the ‘Bewell’ text as well as the handcrafted Bewell stamp on the back of the case.

Finally, there is a day of month display.  I found it quite finicky to adjust this display bewell-womens-watch-2which requires you to pop out the crown but only to about halfway.  I think it was a poor design choice by Bewell to make the case overlap the crown slightly.  It does look nice but it makes the crown hard to adjust.  It was difficult to pop out the crown and make adjustments.  My nails hurt as they dug into the groove to pull out the crown.

Overall there are 8 links with pins out of a total of 14 links.  This should accommodate most wrists and even for my wrist this watch would need to be adjusted smaller.  Upon close inspection I did notice that one of the links had discoloration on the top section.  I’m not sure if this is due to the manufacturing process or if it is a natural property of the wood.  The good news is that it is small enough to go by unnoticed unless you really focus on the watch links.  The watch clasp has a stainless steel marking which is a nice touch for authenticity and I had no troubles opening and closing it.


I can’t help but have mixed feelings about the watch.  It looks good – the natural properties of sandalwood really do shine through and the face looks great against the band.  However; the poor functioning of the crown is disappointing as well as some of the discolorations found in the links.  These issues are not a deal breaker, and at this price point I can recommend this woman’s watch.  We’ve also decided to include this watch in our top ten Bewell watch list.

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