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Bewell specialise in wooden watches, stainless steel wood watches, ceramic and alloy watches.  They own all components of their manufacturing process which includes a bamboo case factory, steel case factory, alloy case factory, watch cover factory and the assembly production workshop.

Quality and variety…at an affordable price

Bewell stands out from the crowd of wood watch manufacturers by offering a plethora of designs for the fraction of the cost.  Where many brands start their watch lines over $100, Bewell’s prices are typically well below $50.  The main reason for this is because all the manufacturing and designs are based in China.

Does this mean that they skip on quality?  Considering the modest price, the watch buying market has collectively spoken a giant ‘NO’!  Many reviews on Amazon and other sites speak of a positive experience with Bewell watches, making them a perfect entry watch for someone unsure on whether to give wooden watches a go.

Wood Preview

Bewell manufactures their watches using a variety of woods including sandalwood (green, black and red varieties), maple, ebony, verawood and zebrawood.  You’ll find most of their designs are similar to what other brands offer, although they do offer some unique timepieces such as the diver’s watch.

If you are interested in purchasing a Bewell watch you can’t look past the ZS – W086B model for men which takes the number 1 spot on our best Bewell watches article.  An extremely popular pick, it offers great value for money and for a decent price at under $30.


In summary:

  • Made from recycled wood
  • Significantly less expensive than other watch brands
  • Large variety of watch styles, woods and colors to choose from
  • Hypoallergenic – very low chance of a skin reaction
  • Each watch is truly unique due to the wood grain, texture and color

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    I received a redwood watch as a present. i have a extreme allergic reaction to the type of wood of the watch. where can exchange the watch for one made form another wood or have my money back.

    i can send u photos

    • Jake

      Hi Marlien, sorry to hear that. You need to consult the manufacturer. Usually the watches come with a warranty card or something similar with the details.


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