Ever wondered which wood watch is right for you?  We’ve compiled our top ten best wooden watches for 2017 list to help you out!

Our wood watch review selection process

So how do we find the watches to review?  We determine several things before deciding to review a watch and adding it to our wood watch review collection:

  1. inspection-magnifier-watch-2  Is the watch available for purchase?  What is the point of a review if you cannot purchase the watch!  For us, this is a no brainer.  If you ever find a watch that you cannot purchase please let us know!
  2.   Are there reviews and enough information on the watch for us to create a review on it?  We do extensive research on the watch first before developing a review so that we can provide you with the most value.  Therefore; if there is not that much information available then it makes our job a lot more difficult and we are more likely not to do a review at all.
  3.  If we simply find the watch appealing with good recommendations we will probably end up reviewing it.  After all if we think it’s an interesting timepiece then there is bound to be people out there who feel the same way!

What makes a good wood watch review?

We strongly believe that a good wood watch review is a review that helps you make an informed decision on what watch to purchase.  The purpose of our reviews is to provide our own expert opinion on the timepiece as well as provide a list of facts about the watch such as the dimensions, movements and what wood it is made out of.

In general our reviews follow a format that cover three areas:  specifications, evaluation and then a conclusion.

The specification is there to provide you the cold hard facts about the watch.  Important things like case diameter, weight, wood, movement and functions are covered here.

We feel that the evaluation is the most important part of the review.  It is in this section in which we give you our informed and expert opinion on the qualities of the watch that make it worth considering or not considering.  We’ll also include relevant feedback from the community especially if there are recurring issues noted in the watch.

Finally, the conclusion is a summary of our findings.  It also includes a summary table that provides a quick analysis for those of you that don’t want to read the entire review.

Types of wood used in wooden watches

One of the beautiful things about wood watches is that there are so many different types of woods that can make a watch.  Each of these woods come with their own natural properties that make each watch truly unique.  Let’s go through some of the main woods that you will find. Wood Watch Reviews - Wood Types-bamboo-ebony-maple-sandalwood-teak-zebrawood Now, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of wood watches.  After reading this we hope that you make your next watch purchase a wood one!

Pros of wooden watches

  1.  Environmentally friendly.  Many wood watch making businesses source their wood in a sustainable way.  Many also offer to plant a tree for every watch purchase.
  2.  Each watch is truly unique.  Yes, that is right!  Due to the natural properties of wood, you will find no two watches are the same.  It is a combination of the wood grain, texture, luster and other natural properties that create a truly unique timepiece.
  3.  Extremely light weight.  Wood watches are extremely light weight due to the minimal amount of heavy materials used (such as metal).  Many times, you will be able to wear the watch without even realizing it!
  4.  Wood watches are hypo-allergenic which means they are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.  They are typically free from preservatives, dye, alcohol and other derivatives.  This contrasts with their metal counterparts which have been known to cause allergic reactions.
  5.   One other cool thing about wood watches is the way they change over time.  Many watches develop vibrant or deeper colors as the oils from the skin naturally react with the wood.

Cons of wooden watches

  1.  Most watches are not waterproof.  Unless explicitly stated, you can expect wood watches to not be completely waterproof.  Most of them are life-waterproof.  This means that they are suitable to wear for day to day activities such as washing hands.  Make sure to take them off during water based activities!
  2. Durability.  Like any watch, durability can also be an issue for wood watches and this can be dependent on the type of wood and finishing applied.  Luckily you will find most watches under warranty so they are covered if they do break.

Top Ten Wooden Watches Reviewed 2017

Interested in purchasing a watch for a friend, family or loved one?  Perhaps you are looking to add to your own collection? Look no further than our top ten best wooden watches list of best wooden watches.  We have painstakingly gone through numerous watches to compile a list of what we think are the top ten wood watches you can buy.  Of course no list is perfect, and we will always be obliged to create new lists as time goes on.  But for now, please enjoy the countdown and feel free to comment below!

10) Wood Watch By Gassen James – Men’s Style Omega I Rose Wood

Best Watch 3Beginning our top ten best wooden watches list is an entry from Gassen James.  This watch was made for those looking for a masculine, chunky watch – the face is medium sized at 1.75 inches (44mm) but you can appreciate the depth of the watch – it’s thick and that’s a good thing.

Rosewood has a uniform and medium to coarse texture with medium-size open pores.  The wood grain is mostly straight which suits the design for the rest of the watch – squarish and edgy.

The dial numbers use a blocky and thick font style and this is further complemented by the rectangular watch hands.  The band is double linked and so is wider than most watch.  There is no extra clutter on the dial face, Gassen James has simply provided us with a large, chunky watch that other passer-by’s can gawk at.

Verdict:  Uniform in design and minimum clutter.  Gassen James proves that masculine design watches are a fashionable option for men.


 9) Maui Kool Hana Women’s Zebra Wood Watch With Turquoise Face

Best Watch 6Maui Kool’s zebrawood watch is design for women and we can see why.  The case diameter is only 1.34 inches (34mm) with a 0.98 inch face (25mm).  There is beautiful turquoise face which is edged out with a nice oval bezel.  The face features crystal and straight dials.  At the bottom of the face there is a second display.  The watch is packaged in a bamboo box so makes for a perfect gift for a loved one.

The use of the zebrawood is particularity attractive in this timepiece design.  We can appreciate the naturally wavy grain and organic look to the wood (it is a porous type of wood).  A nice touch is the color of the crown and watch hand and dials – which are both a shade of gold.  For authenticity, we can see the Maui Kool logo has also been stamped onto the crown.

Verdict:  Elegant and delicate watch with extensive branding.  If you enjoy showing off branded apparel then you will want to consider this timepiece.


8) Topwell Walnut Wood Men’s Watches

Best Watch 4

Similar to the wood watch by Gassen James, Topwell’s edition is another chunky  entry entry into this list.  This one is definitely for the watch wearer seeking multiple time displays and more ‘flashiness’ to the design.  This particular model features 3 time displays – day of the week, date and a 24 hour display.  Typically with most watches, to set these correctly involves pulling the crown slightly out to set the date, and then all the way out to set the day of week.

There are also 12 knobs surrounding the watch dial.  Clearly, Topwell is going for a more industrious look that speaks to the practical minded consumer.  The watch is made of red and black sandalwood and has a wider than average band (two links rather than one).  Despite the thick appearance, it only weighs 2.43 ounces!

We loved the fact that the face is round which goes well with the round time displays and contrast the otherwise squarish design.

Verdict:  A wide, chunky variety of watch.  With an industrious design and multiple time views, this is a man’s watch with a hint of flashiness.


7) ZLYC Two Tone Natural Sandalwood Watch

zlycWe ask ourselves why we included this watch on our best wooden watches list.  The answer lies in the unique design of the face and the two functional crowns.  There are indeed two analogue clock displays that both can be adjusted, so you can keep track of time in two different time zones.  There are two other markings of time but these are simply design elements – they are not functional.

A smart design has been implemented in this watch.  The face itself features light creamy coloring’s on a green colour fabric dial.  This complements the white-cream color sandalwood design which primarily makes up the bezel and links.  There is also a second toned sandalwood being used which is an earthy brown color.

Verdict:  Recommended for those who like artistic flair in their watch.  Also comes with a useful two time zone function.


6) Treehut Walnut and Ebony Wooden Watch


We couldn’t help but admire how beautiful this watch looks.  The combination of Walnut and ebony wood interlinked together works well to create a unique looking timepiece.  The dial is a shade of black while the watch hands and second markings are a crisp and clear shade of white.  This is a nice touch as it allows for easy viewing of the time and extremely easy viewing of the Treehut logo.  If you are proud of the logo then this watch will definitely do a good job of showing it to the world.

Another interesting aspect is the second hand which is a light bright green.  This definitely adds a modern spin and makes for easy viewing of the time.  The case diameter is 1.7 inches (43mm) so it is suited for both men and women.

Verdict:  Packaged in a gift box with 2 years warranty, Treehut has offered us a unique watch that is all about contrast and muted elegance.


5) SILILUN Coffee Color Maple Wooden Men’s Watch

Best Watch 2This is really just a Bewell watch packaged in a Sililun branded box.  This timepiece is quite unique looking as it is made out of zebrawood.  You can expect the wood to feature wavy patterns and have a coarse, porous texture.  The timepiece also features a metal crown and a day of month display.  Like most watches with this feature, you will need to manually adjust the display depending on how many days in the month there are.

Marketed as unisex, this watch face is 44mm in diameter and is a suitable size for men, and will look larger on a woman’s wrist.  A stainless steel clasp is always a welcome feature and features a push button mechanism.  We love the fact that Sililun has decided to package this box with a strap link removing tool which will save you money as you won’t have to worry about getting the band resized at a jeweler.

Verdict:  If you like wooden watches that are more ‘organic’ in appearance, then this might be the watch for you.  As a bonus this watch is packaged with a link removal tool making for easy band adjustments.


4) Viable Harvest – Men’s Wood Watch

At first look it appears that the watch is made out of entirely the same wood but indeed the watch dial is bamboo while the watch bezel is sandalwood.  This is an intelligent design choice by Viable Harvest since the two woods highly complement each other.  We have the relatively uniform texture of the bamboo face in contrast to the wavy grain of the sandalwood bezel.  Where these designs meet is at the dial – thus highlighting the second increments and making for easy viewing of the time.

Although not considered a gendered based design, the watch is geared for men and this is reflective in the large size of the watch face .  The band is also relatively wide (but not thick!) so its best suited for a larger wrist.  The leather band contains two stitching lines on either end of the watch face.  We really loved this design choice as it gives an authentic feel to the watch and adds some volume to the band.

Verdict:  In between minimalist and maximalist design, viable harvests’ wooden bamboo and sandalwood watch is a successful marriage of two woods to create a unique and lasting timepiece.


3) CUCOL Bamboo Wooden Watch

Best Watch 10Cucol introduces us to the Bamboo Wooden Watch.  Featuring Japanese miyota 2035 movement and a case diameter that is 1.77 inches or 45mm in diameter.  Attached to the watch face is an authentic smooth cowhide leather strap.  This makes it super easy to adjust to most wrist sizes as you don’t need to worry about taking out pins as is the case with wooden bands.

You can expect the battery life to be from 12 – 24 months.  As for the leather strap, although it is advertised as smooth we can conclude that it definitely still retains the coarser properties of cowhide leather.  It is definitely coarser on the inside then the outside, so you’ll definitely feel the watch when you are wearing it.

As for the waterproof properties, it is definitely not recommended to go swimming with this watch on, but the occasional day to day wet activities should not pose any issues.  You can expect the leather strap to dirty over time, so it is recommended to clean the leather with a dry cloth to remove any surface grime.  Keep in mind that maintenance is a worthwhile investment as leather does typically age nicely over time, so you’ll begin to notice the subtle changes in the texture and in-grained patterns.

Verdict:  Minimalistic, no-nonsense watch delivered in a beautiful gift package.  Cucol knew what this watch was intended for – as a gift to a loved one or friend and we are going to agree with this sentiment.


2) Luno Wear Men’s Wood Watch

best-watch-9We decided to add the Luno watch onto this list because it ode’s to a simpler time and does a good job of doing so. We can’t think of too many wooden watches that speak to the past as well as the Luno watch. It has clean and elegant hour markings, classic watch hands and a stylised logo all on a simple white pine wood face.

The case is made out of smooth ebony wood and is connected together with a genuine leather band. The wood case has a protective finish to prevent oils and moisture from getting into the watch.  Of course it is always recommended to remove this watch during water based activities.  At 1.77 inches (45mm) in case diameter, the watch will certainly cover most wrists and is suitable for men – although it won’t stop women from purchasing such a classic looking timepiece.

Verdict:  A classic looking watch with a clean and elegant style. High quality materials make for a durable and vintage looking timepiece.


1) The Best Wooden Watch:  Topwell Walnut Men’s Wood Watch

Best Watch 5What struck us about this watch was the light blue – almost neon blue watch hand and stitching.  We believe it deservers the number one spot on our best wooden watches list.  It’s not often you come across a watch that can pull of such contrasting colors so beautifully.  On one hand (pardon the pun) we have the natural and more muted elements of the walnut wood and black leather band, and on the other we have the futuristic look of neon blue.

The stitching is even and precise and the watch itself is extremely light at 1.7 ounces (48g).  It is a sleek design and the walnut perfectly complements this.  The Walnut grain is straight and the color ranges from a light pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with dark streaks.  Among other woods, walnut is also very durable so expect this watch to have a reasonably long life.

In terms of features, this is definitely a simple watch, but that is where the intelligence of this design comes into play.  The black leather band and light-blue hand and stitching come together to create a sleek and modern take on the wooden watch.

Verdict:  Topwell has decided to simply this watch design in order to draw attention to the blue highlights – and it pays of wonderfully.


That concludes the top ten best wood watches list for 2017.  We hope that this list was informative for you and helps you make the right purchasing decision!  Feel free to leave any comments below.