Interested in purchasing a watch for a friend, family or loved one?  Perhaps you are looking to add to your own collection? Look no further than our wood watch leaderboard for 2017.

We have painstakingly gone through numerous watches to compile a list of the best watches in each budget category.

Why trust our reviews?  We are the only website dedicated to wood watch reviews.  We span most of the market and are continually adding new reviews.  This gives us a perspective on the watches out there and allows us to accurately determine if in fact it’s a good watch or not.

We’ve created three categories – Budget (under $50), Mid-range ($50-$150) and Premium ($150-$250).  We’ve also linked them to a detailed review page if you require more information on the watch.

Budget (Under $50)

#1Bewell-ZS-W086BModel: Bewell Men's ZS-W086B Wood Watch
Also Available In: Ebony, Maple, Red Sandalwood, Verawood, Zebrawood
Pros: + Vivid and clear time display + Variety of wood choices + Light weight + Life waterproof + Good value for money
Cons: - Not be as durable as other, more expensive watch models
Verdict: A simple watch that offers great value for money. At this price, it is definitely a watch worth considering as an addition to your collection.
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#2Cucol Women's BambooModel: Cucol Women's Bamboo Watch
Pros: + Minimalistic design + White leather band + Design highlights the bamboo case and leather band
Cons: - Face might be too big for some
Verdict: Minimalist design with a good amount of attention drawn to the premium white leather band and bamboo case. Highly recommended at this price point.
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#3Bewell-ZS---W021CModel: BEWELL ZS - W021C Men's Wooden Watch
Pros: + Two independent adjustable dials + Large chunky design
Cons: - No branding – It will look proportional only if you have large wrists
Verdict: This is a masculine and bold watch that you’ll either love or hate. It features two functional time displays, which sit on a minimalist face. This is man’s watch and it is worth your consideration.
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#4LunoWear-Pine-WatchModel: Luno Wear Men's Pine Watch
Pros: + Vivid contast on dial elements + Clear dial hour numbers + Solid looking band + Vertical stitching + Pine dial
Cons: – Questionable band and crystal quality
Verdict: This is a great looking timepiece with a good use of color contrast and a classic looking dial. The white pine pops against the dark ebony. The band also has a nice stained color with solid stitching.
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#5BEWELL-ZS-W110-men's-red-sandalwoodModel: Bewell Men's W110A Wood Watch
Pros: + Good exposure of the wood grain + Sweeping watch hand + Quirky placement of the day of month display
Cons: - Reported difficulty in adjusting the day of month display
Verdict: This watch highlights the natural beauty of wood and does well to keep things simple so the attention is on the wooden dial, frame and band. At a decent price point, I can highly recommend this timepiece.
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#6Bewell-Womens-ZS-W020A-Red-SandalwoodModel: Bewell Women's ZS-W020A Wood Watch Red Sandalwood
Also Available In: Black / Maple/Red #1 / Maple/Red #2 / Maple
Pros: + Good choice of red sandalwood + Luminous hands and markings + Stainless steel clasp
Cons: - Crown is difficult to adjust
Verdict: At this price, it is hard to complain too much about this watch. It is a pretty looking timepiece and very suited for a woman's wrist. The biggest issue is the crown function which looks to be due to an oversight in the watch design. Apart from this, I can confidently recommend that watch.
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#7Tree-People-Red-Sandalwood-WatchModel: Tree People Men's Red Sandalwood Watch
Pros: + Smooth and polished sandalwood case + Uncluttered face + Strikingly aesthetic band stitching + Smart choice of colors
Cons: - Band may be a bit small for large wrists - Somewhat poor craftmanship on the leather band
Verdict: We can recommend this watch to anyone looking for a well priced, simple and clean timepiece. At this price, it is easy to overlook the faults of the leather band to enjoy the premium polished finish of the watch case and attractive stitching.
Review: Full Review
#8Bewell-ZS---W065AModel: Bewell ZS - W065A Men's Wood Watch
Pros: + Roman numeral and hand design do well to flesh out a vintage look
Cons: - Unnecessary bezel markings - Delicate links, be careful when adjusting - Metal crown
Verdict: At this price point, this is a decent watch but lacks some design elements. I would recommend if you have a particular interest for this type of watch. Otherwise, there are other nice watches out there for a similar price.
Review: Full Review
#9 Viable-Harvest-Red-SandalwoodModel: Viable Harvest Men's Sandalwood Watch
Pros: + Stitching + Bamboo and sandalwood construction + Affordable + Clear watch face
Cons: - Cheap looking dial elements - Questionable construction integrity
Verdict: This watch is inexpensive and it's quality issues show for this. However; there have been many positive experiences with this watch reported by its wearers. Given that it has a solid design and is set at a modest price, I can recommend this timekeeper.
Review: Full Review
#10Luno-Wear-Shoots-WatchModel: Luno Wear Men's Bamboo Watch
Pros: + Minimalist
Cons: – Lack of quality craftsmanship – Generic design
Verdict: A simple and straightforward watch. It’s an OK entry by Luno Wear with a general appeal.
Review: Full Review

MID-RANGE ($50 – $150)

#1Woody-Watch-Mens-Black-SandalwoodModel: Woody Watch Men's Black Sandalwood Watch
Pros: + Premium look + Gold colored finishings
Cons: - Over-use of gold may deter some – dark watch face may make time display difficult to see in low lighting
Verdict: A watch with premium and unique finishings. Features a clean and elegant design and its dimensions make it suitable for a man’s wrist. I highly recommend this timepiece for your consideration.
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#2WeWOOD-Assunt-Nut-Watch-ThumbnailModel: WeWOOD Unisex Assunt Nut Watch
Pros: + Premium wood + Intricate and Intelligent watch face design + Day of month display
Cons: - A bit pricey
Verdict: The use of a premium wood to complement an intelligent watch face design justify the $100 plus price point for this watch. I highly recommend this WeWood watch.
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#3SPGBK-Thurman-Watch-Thumb-1 ReviewModel: SpringBreak Unisex Thurman Watch
Pros: + Gold clasp and crown + Ridged bezel with second markings + Walnut + Big face + Minimalist
Cons: – Too big for most women
Verdict: I really like this watch because of the walnut and it’s big design. It’s the most bare looking so all the focus is on the beautiful natural grain patterns of the wood.
Review: Full Review
#4 Analog-Watch-Co-Carpenter-Collection-thumbModel: Analog Watch Co. Carpenter Collection
Pros: + World first flexible wood band + Great minimalist design + Band dial
Cons: - Very light weight, may feel flimsy
Verdict: Fans of a nature inspired design will find a lot to love here. Featuring a one of a kind band and minimalist look, this watch does the basic things right and doesn't get too fancy.
Review: Full Review
#5Apache-Pine-The-Original-Bamboo-Wooden-Watch-ThumbModel: Apache Pine - The Original Bamboo Wooden Watch
Pros: + Durable construction - will work after being submerged in water + Swiss movement + Water tight internal case + Quirky crown placement
Cons: - Uninspired, generic dial design
Verdict: This is a durable and high quality designed watch that will withstand the bumps and scraps of an active wearer. Despite the simple design, this is a pragmatic watch that is worth the price.
Review: Full Review
#6Maui-Kool-Hana-ThumbModel: Maui Kool Hana Zebrawood Watch
Pros: + Solid dial design + Crown color + Second window
Cons: - Standard stainless steel clasp color
Verdict: There is not a lot wrong with the Hana collection. A solid design meets a pretty dial face. Recommended.
Review: Full Review
#7 SPGBK_MurchisonModel: Springbreak Unisex Murchison
Pros: + Gold colored clasp and crown + Ribbed bezel + Monocle and day of month display + Red rosewood paint job
Cons: – Generic wood construction (seen this design across other brands) – Not truly unisex, suited more for women
Verdict: The red rosewood looks great with the gold elements. The monocle and day of month function is a cool, if somewhat redundant feature.
Review: Full Review
#8SPGBK_Encore_thumbModel: Springbreak Unisex Encore Watch
Pros: + Edgy and hexagonal face + Wood crown + Crisp dial
Cons: – More black sandalwood and a dark face (similar to the Midnight watch)
Verdict: A decent looking watch with a lot of dark elements that makes it easy to read the time. I like the use of a wooden crown and the day of month display is a nice addition.
Review: Full Review
#9SpringbreakMidnightThumbModel: Springbreak Unisex Midnight Watch
Pros: + Black face + Dial crystals + European text!
Cons: – Cookie Cutter wood construction
Verdict: A straight forward wood construction meets a pretty watch face. A bit over-priced considering the stock standard features.
Review: Full Review
#10WeWOOD-unisex-date-teak-watch_thumbModel: WeWood Date Teak Wood Watch
Pros: + Extremely light weight + Life waterproof + Adjustable band
Cons: - No date function - Generic design
Verdict: Classic and minimalist design in a modern wood body. A suitable addition to a watch collection or for someone looking to purchase their first wood watch.
Review: Full Review

PREMIUM ($150 – $250)

#1Jord-Frankie-Series-thumbModel: Jord Unisex Frankie Series
Pros: + Clean, elegant face design + Gold detailing + Swiss movement + High-end clasp
Cons: - Finicky push button deployment
Verdict: A fantastic watch offering from Jord. I've never seen a watch offering more premium features at this price point. A solid design combined with excellent quality make this timepiece highly recommended.
Review: Full Review
#2Tense-metro-thumbModel: Tense Men's Metro Watch
Pros: + Intricate face design + Multi-Layered bezel construction + Durable wood
Cons: - None
Verdict: A premium wood watch for men. This is definitely one of the most intricately designed watch faces I’ve reviewed and at this price point it is definitely worth a consideration.
Review: Full Review
#3Original-Grain-Whiskey-Barrel-thumbModel: Original Grain Men's Mahogany Wood Watch / Saeple / Whiskey / Maple
Pros: + Great barrel inspired design + Durable construction + Kentucky oak wood + High quality steel
Cons: - Heavy
Verdict: A fantastic watch entry by Original Grain. If you are a fan of metal and wood watches, or just whiskey, you can't pass up on the Barrel watch.
Review: Full Review
#4Grovemade-maple-watch-thumbModel: Grovemade Watch
Pros: + Original design + Vegetable tanned leather + One of a kind dial + Great use of wood + Internal lugs
Cons: - No Swiss movement
Verdict: There is a lot to admire about the ground-up design and analog inspired timekeeping. For those looking for an original statement piece the Grovemade watch is highly recommended.
Review: Full Review
#5 Mistura-ferro-wood-watch-thumbModel: Mistura Ferro Wood Watch
Pros: + Art inspired dial and case + Robust and high quality band + Premium craftsmanship
Cons: - Like it or hate it design - No Swiss movement
Verdict: A fantastically inspired design. The Mistura Ferro wood watch will appeal to those with money to spend and wanting a piece of art wrapped around their wrists.
Full Review: Full Review
#6WeWOOD-Kardo-Mens-Chocolate_thumbModel: WEWOOD Kardo Men's Chocolate Watch
Pros: + Unique watch face design + Assymetric elements work well together + Good use of complementary colors
Cons: - Reported splintering of wood during link adjustments. Caution advised!
Verdict: WeWood have created a unique and fun watch that does well to prove that asymmetric design elements can work well together to create a truly unique and lasting timepiece. Recommended.
Review: WeWOOD Kardo Men's Chocolate Watch

Our wood watch review selection process

So how do we find the watches to review?  We determine several things before deciding to review a watch and adding it to our wood watch review collection:

  1. inspection-magnifier-watch-2  Is the watch available for purchase?  What is the point of a review if you cannot purchase the watch!  For us, this is a no brainer.  If you ever find a watch that you cannot purchase please let us know!
  2.   Are there reviews and enough information on the watch for us to create a review on it?  We do extensive research on the watch first before developing a review so that we can provide you with the most value.  Therefore; if there is not that much information available then it makes our job a lot more difficult and we are more likely not to do a review at all.
  3.  If we simply find the watch appealing with good recommendations we will probably end up reviewing it.  After all if we think it’s an interesting timepiece then there is bound to be people out there who feel the same way!

What makes a good wood watch review?

We strongly believe that a good wood watch review is a review that helps you make an informed decision on what watch to purchase.  The purpose of our reviews is to provide our own expert opinion on the timepiece as well as provide a list of facts about the watch such as the dimensions, movements and what wood it is made out of.

In general our reviews follow a format that cover three areas:  specifications, evaluation and then a conclusion.

The specification is there to provide you the cold hard facts about the watch.  Important things like case diameter, weight, wood, movement and functions are covered here.

We feel that the evaluation is the most important part of the review.  It is in this section in which we give you our informed and expert opinion on the qualities of the watch that make it worth considering or not considering.  We’ll also include relevant feedback from the community especially if there are recurring issues noted in the watch.

Finally, the conclusion is a summary of our findings.  It also includes a summary table that provides a quick analysis for those of you that don’t want to read the entire review.

Types of wood used in wooden watches

One of the beautiful things about wood watches is that there are so many different types of woods that can make a watch.  Each of these woods come with their own natural properties that make each watch truly unique.  Let’s go through some of the main woods that you will find. Wood Watch Reviews - Wood Types-bamboo-ebony-maple-sandalwood-teak-zebrawood Now, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of wood watches.  After reading this we hope that you make your next watch purchase a wood one!

    Pros of wooden watches

    1.  Environmentally friendly.  Many wood watch making businesses source their wood in a sustainable way.  Many also offer to plant a tree for every watch purchase.
    2. Each watch is truly unique.  Yes, that is right!  Due to the natural properties of wood, you will find no two watches are the same.  It is a combination of the wood grain, texture, luster and other natural properties that create a truly unique timepiece.
    3. Extremely light weight.  Wood watches are extremely light weight due to the minimal amount of heavy materials used (such as metal).  Many times, you will be able to wear the watch without even realizing it!
    4. Wood watches are hypo-allergenic.  This means that are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.  They are typically free from preservatives, dye, alcohol and other derivatives.  This contrasts with their metal counterparts which have been known to cause allergic reactions.
    5. The appearance changes overtime.  Many watches develop vibrant or deeper colors as the oils from the skin naturally react with the wood.

    Cons of wooden watches

    1. Most wood watches are not waterproof.  Unless explicitly stated, you can expect wood watches to not be completely waterproof.  Most of them are life-waterproof.  This means that they are suitable to wear for day to day activities such as washing hands.  Make sure to take them off during water based activities!
    2. Durability.  Like any watch, durability can also be an issue for wood watches and this can be dependent on the type of wood and finishing applied.  Luckily you will find most watches under warranty so they are covered if they do break.