Here you will find our top ten wooden watches for women picks for 2017.  Although subjective in nature, there are general characteristics that a woman’s watch will have that you will probably not find in the men’s variety.

  1.   More ornamentation is used such as diamonds and crystals.  These are especially used around the bezel and on the dial.
  2.   Women have smaller wrists and so it makes sense that the band length of a woman’s watch is shorter.  The watch face will also be smaller and typically range from 1.1 inches – 1.5 inches (28 – 38 mm) in diameter.
  3.   A face to band width ratio around 2:1 or 3:1 (i.e the band will be significantly smaller in width compared to the watch face).    Again, since a woman’s wrist is smaller having a large band will look less proportional than a smaller one.

Top Ten Wooden Watches for Women 2017

Welcome to our official top ten list of wooden watches for women for 2017.  There are 100s of wood watches for women on the market and we have painstakingly cut that down to 10.  Of course, no list can be exhaustive, but we have done our best to pick what we think are the best wooden watches for women.  Let the countdown begin!

10)  Cayman Women’s Zebrawood and Turquoise Watch

womens wooden watches - caymanThe Cayman watch is a unique looking timepiece that has a tropical vibe to it.  It features a zebrawood case and band encompassing a turquoise dial.  The crystals and general sheen of the dial create a natural brightness to the face which makes for easy viewing of the time.  The crystals are produced by Swarovski which is a renowned for making high quality watch crystals.

Another lovely feature is that the watch is powered by a Swiss movement.  This is a premium movement and rated better than the typical Miyota movements that is found in many other watches.  A gold colored crown is used to complete the look of the Cayman watch.

VerdictA relaxed looking watch with premium crystals and Swiss movement.  The turquoise face makes for a naturally bright face that goes well with the zebrawood construction.


9)  Vestal Women’s Rosewood Bangle Watch

Wooden Watches For Women - vestalWe decided to include this watch on this list because of its unique bangle design.  The Vestal Women’s Rosewood Bangle watch is a whopping 1.96 inches wide (50 mm) and so it will cover all but the biggest of wrists.  It is held together by an elastic band and so you should not have any issues with fitting this piece.

The large rectangular slabs of wood make for a perfect bangle and the small dial display tells the world that this is indeed a watch.  The bright green dial fits in well with the green tinged rosewood and provides a modern edge to the design.  We highly recommend to try this watch on before a purchase if possible – reports of the wood pinching the skin keep this watch from appearing higher on this list.

Verdict:  A large and bold bangle watch that combines a modern dial against a traditional wooden construction.


8)  ZHHA Women’s Bamboo Watch

wooden watches for women - ZHHA Womens natural bambooIf you have done any search for women’s wood watches you’ll notice the market is saturated with bamboo watches with leather straps.  It makes sense to include one of them on this list that we feel makes the cut.

ZHHA women’s bamboo watch is a testament to how a simple design can work to highlight all the right elements.  The brown leather band contrasts well to the bamboo case and is dark enough to make the natural bamboo colors stand out.  Note that the case diameter is 1.5 inches (38 mm) making this timepiece on the larger side for women’s watches.

We love that there is no branding on this particular model.  It really is a wood watch in its purest form (minus the wood band!).  Bamboo wood is also a nice choice since this is a more ‘organic’ looking wood.

Verdict:  A super minimalist wooden timepiece featuring no branding.  Relatively low in price, this makes for a great gift idea.


7)  Tense Maria Maplewood and Sandalwood Watch

Tense red sandalwood and mapleThe selling point of this timepiece is the heart shaped links.  You will be hard-pressed to find another wooden watch with a similar style.  Red sandalwood and maple wood links are interlinked with an elastic band making this watch almost seem like a bracelet.  There are also metal beads between each link which acts as a cushion and ensures easy fitting of the band.  This watch features a super light construction, even for a wooden timepiece.

The watch face begins with a maple bezel followed by an inner red sandalwood bezel.  As for the dial, it is minimalist in design featuring 12 hour indications with 3 black hands.  Tense has made the band the main focus of this piece and indeed it makes this watch worthy of inclusion on this list.

Verdict:  It’s all about the band with the Tense Maria watch.  Enjoy the comfortable and easy fitting band that features a maple and red sandalwood construction.


6)  Amexi Women’s Cherry wood watch

Wooden Watches for Women - AmexiAmexi has created a beautiful watch made out of cherry wood.  It is a durable wood that is naturally resistant to decay.  The grain is usually straight with an even texture and natural shine.  The natural color has a premium look to it – brown with a golden hue.

The watch face is minimalist in design and features only 4 hour markings.  The watch hands, logo and hour markings are all colored in a pinkish-metal rustic color which blends in well with the inner metal frame bezel.  The case diameter is 1.5 inches (38 mm) and so is on the larger side of women’s watches.  Given the fact that the band width is also relatively small, it is clear that Amexi has designed this watch to emphasize the watch face.

Verdict:  The minimalist face is accentuated by the narrow band width in this timepiece.  The cherry wood adds a touch of individuality which makes us recommend this watch for your consideration.


5)  Cucol Women’s Bamboo Wood Watch

wooden watches for women - cucolFrom the watch face to the white leather band, this watch features a smooth and simplistic design and pulls it off beautifully.  The watch face features white markings and hands which goes perfectly with the white leather band.  Because of this all-white design, the bamboo case stands out more due to its orange-brown coloring and porous appearance.  Furthermore; the dial color gently contrast again the markings proving for easy viewing of the time.

Being a leather band, this watch is super easy to adjust so you should not have any issues with it fitting your wrist.  The leather band is of high quality and is super soft and pliable.  This means that it will hug your wrist but won’t cause irritation or be too tight.   You’ll find the Cucol branding on the back and on the dial of the case.

Verdict:  A minimalist design draws attention to the bamboo case and premium white leather band.  Highly recommended at this price point.


4)  Bewell Women’s Red Sandalwood Watch

Bwooden watches for women - bewell red sandalwoodewell offer several different woods in this style and we feel that the red sandalwood variety deserves a place on this list.  The natural properties of sandalwood are on showcase and it proves to be the strongest element in this watch design.  There are wavy streaks throughout the construction – some are lighter and others are darker.  This creates a complex and deep complexion which is a joy to look at.

The dial features a day of month display which can be easily adjusted by popping out the crown halfway.  The case has a diameter of 1.32 inches (33.5 mm) making this watch a perfect size for most wrists.  As for the bezel, it has a serrated design with second markings etched into the wood, this creates depth to the piece and clearly distinguishes the face from the band.  You can read the full review here.

Verdict:  This watch offers plenty of value for money.  Solid red sandalwood construction with a day of month display and elegant bezel design makes this timepiece a great pick.


3)  WeWOOD Women’s Criss Beige Watch

wewood criss biegeThis is one of the safer entries on this list.  The WeWOOD Criss Beige watch is a relatively neutral watch that checks all the boxes to make it a recommended timepiece.  The face is 1.25 inches (31.75 mm) wide making it a perfect for most wrist sizes.

The maple wood with the black framed bezel creates a clean and classy look that draws attention to the dial.  This is further emphasized by the fact that the bezel almost looks like it is part of the watch band – it features the same wood and no highlighted edges.

The dial features gold hands and hour markings which combines beautifully with the gold WeWOOD logo and crown.  Roman numerals are used for the hour markings which add a classic element to this timepiece.

Verdict:  Incorporating sound design and quality craftsmanship, this is a safe watch that should appeal to most women, making it a perfect gift idea.


2)  Maui Kool Hana Women’s Sandalwood Watch

Wooden Watches for Women - Maui Kool HanaMade out of 100% natural wood with no paint or chemicals, the Maui Kool Hana Women’s watch is an attractive and individual timepiece to suit a woman’s wardrobe.  The band and case are constructed from solid black sandalwood and the face features a burgundy dial.  There is no conventional second hand but rather it forms its own second dial creating a regal look.

For a premium look, there are also gold finishings to be seen on the crown, bezel and Roman numeral hour markings.  This is supplemented by crystals that act as the remaining hour indications.  The face itself and crystals have a nice sheen to them which contrasts nicely with the black sandalwood.

Verdict:  The stylish burgundy face pops against the black sandalwood to create an elegant looking timepiece.  The premium gold touches move this watch high up on this list.


1)  The Best Women’s Wooden Watch:

WeWOOD Women’s Mimosa Chocolate Wooden Watch

wooden watches for women wewood-mimosaWe loved this watch so much that it is also included on our WeWOOD top 15 list.  There is a sleekness to this timepiece that you don’t see pulled of so well in other watches.  The narrow band with the large rounded watch face do well to exaggerate a sense of completeness which is synonymous with the concept of time.

The Indian Rosewood provides a smooth finish which showcases itself through the bezel design.  As for the dial, it is super easy to read which is made possible by the large 12 and 6 hour markings as well as the clean looking hands.  This is a no-nonsense watch with a quality look and feel to it that WeWOOD have pulled off to perfection.

Verdict:  A sleek and minimalist watch.  The biggest draw is the relatively narrow band compared to the watch face which does well to highlight the smooth and circular watch face.  Overall, we feel that this watch deserves the number one sport on our list.


That concludes the top ten best wooden watches for women list for 2017.  We hope that this list was informative for you and helps you make the right purchasing decision!  Feel free to leave any comments below.