If you’re looking for the perfect wooden watch for yourself or for that special someone, then look no further!  We have compiled a list for 2017 featuring the best 15 men’s wooden watches on the market!  Don’t feel left out ladies, we’ve also compiled a best woman’s wooden watch list here.

There are literally 1000s of wood watches for men and it took us quite awhile to whittle that number down to 15.  When looking at watches we’ve combined a number of factors to determine if such a watch is worthy of this list:

Popularity – is this watch commonly being sold?

Quality – This is determined by what people have said about the watch in reviews, forums and other online sources.  Do    people who have bought the watch generally like or dislike it?

Price – Is the watch appropriately priced?  Do you get what you pay for?

X factor – Our own review of the watch and any specific or unique qualities also go into determining its ranking.

We’ve also included a wide variety of brands to give you a broad spectrum of the wood watch market.  After all, if this list was only had Tense or WeWOOD watches then it would not be a good representation of the mens’ watches out there.  Let the countdown begin!

15)  Treehut Men’s Wooden Bamboo Watch

Treehut-Men's-Bamboo-WatchThis men’s bamboo watch is a very popular offering by Treehut that features a bamboo case connected to a leather strap.  The dial diameter is 1.7 inches (43 mm) which is medium-large sized.

As with so many other bamboo watches, the face follows the tried and true minimalist design that we have all come to expect.  You’ll find etched second markings into the dial along with black minute, second and hour hands – even the Treehut logo is black.

The genuine leather band goes well with the organic looking bamboo.  Both have rough looking qualities which add an authentic feel to the timepiece.  Be wary though, the watch case and band has been reported to be quite delicate so knocking it or simply wearing it all the time may cause damage.  Although this watch is suitable to accompany any attire it is best to wear it for special occasions.

Considering a price tag that hovers around $100, is it really worth purchasing?  We think the price is a bit inflated due to the Treehut branding as there are certainly cheaper watches of similar quality on the market.

Verdict:  A very popular minimalist watch that is suitable for almost any attire.  We don’t think it’s worth the hefty price tag unless you’re a fan of the brand.


14)  Maui Kool Kaanapali Collection Men’s Walnut Watch

Maui-Kool-Kaanapali-Collection-Men's-Walnut-WatchThis is a very interesting looking watch and required a bit of thought before we decided to wack it onto this list.  Maui Kool are known for their women’s line of watches and it looks like they have applied similar design elements to their men’s line.  The watch face is sleek looking with a metallic dial and thin rod shaped hands and hour markings.  The dial also features a quirky second window that completes the elegant look.

The dial is 1.54 inches (39 mm) across and the case is 2.20 inches (56 mm) in diameter making the watch fairly large and definitely intended for men.  We love that the butterfly buckle and crown are also gold painted to match the elements on the dial.

This particular variation is made from walnut which is a very durable and hardy wood.  It will take a bit of effort to mar or chip, adding durability to an otherwise delicate looking timepiece.  The watch is powered by a Miyota Citizen Japanese quartz movement ensuring precise and long lasting time keeping.

Verdict:  An elegant men’s watch with feminine design qualities.  Maui Kool have created an interesting timepiece that will definitely appeal to some men.


13)  Ideashop Men’s Zebrawood Watch

uwood-watchWe have found a stunning watch from UWOOD made from zebra wood and featuring a premium Swiss quartz movement!  This watch incorporates a beautiful and intelligent design.  The watch dimensions create the illusion that the watch face is actually bigger then it really is.  The case diameter is actually 1.77 inches (45 mm) but looks much larger due to the relatively small band width of 0.70 inches (18 mm).  To some, this may be considered feminine but we think it adds a unique style that you do not see too often in men’s watches.

The zebra wood is a masculine touch to an otherwise elegant watch.  You will notice the coarseness of the wood as it is very easy to see the pores that naturally occur in zebra wood.  The natural stripes of the zebra wood add color to an already impressive looking timepiece.  We can appreciate the simplicity of the watch face and its minimal use of space.  This watch was meant to tell the time cleanly and elegantly, and we think it has achieved that to a high degree.  The use of a premium Swiss movement is a plus – especially at this price point.

Verdict:  The clean and simple watch face contrasts beautifully to the complex and naturally bold appearance of the zebra wood.  The gold tinged bezel rounds of a bright watch face in this exquisite and highly recommended timepiece.    


12)  Topwell Square Multi-Eyed Men’s Wood Watch

topwell-multi-sandalwoodAfter looking at this watch for awhile, we came to admire the intelligence of the design – particularly in the watch face.  Topwell have saved room for the 3 time displays by displaying only 9 hour indicators (including the 12).  This has allowed the comfortable placement of the day of week, date and 24 hour time displays.  And yes, these 3 time displays are functional!

This watch also incorporates black and red sandalwood which work well together to highlight different parts of the watch.  The face and bezel look distinct and clear against the black frame.  There is also a very masculine style to this piece, and we feel the design is all about edginess and structure – the face is rectangular as well as the band.  The circular time displays do well to smooth the design out.

Like most wooden watches, this one is also hypo-allergenic, so you should not have any skin reactions during or after wearing the piece.  Priced at less then $50, we feel that this timepiece offers great value for money especially considering the multiple functions.

Verdict:  A masculine and functional watch featuring two sandalwood styles. Beautifully edgy, this timekeeper is a welcome addition to anyone’s collection.


11)  Lux Woods Bendemeer Chanate Wood

lux-woods-parkchester-chanate-woodWhat struck us about this watch design is the naturally intricate detail on the dial.  If you were to place the watch in the sunlight, you will notice a pattern – it almost looks like there are rain marks on the inside of the watch frame.  We think this is a really cool feature as it is not too often you find the complexion of a watch dial change due to the environment.

The face has 3 features which are hallmarks of classic watch design – the logo, the hands and second increments on the edge of the dial.  The crown is also cleverly placed at an angle to the face which adds a unique flavor to the overall design.

The watch is constructed with chanate wood which very dark in appearance so it will appeal to users looking for a reserved and muted looking timepiece.  This feature, along with the black watch face highlight the blue hand so its easy to see what second it is pointing to.  Another interesting point is that the battery is reported to last 3-5 years and described as best in class which is very impressive.

Verdict:  A muted and reserved style with a hint of flash in the watch hand.  Featuring an interesting face design and crown placement.


10)  Tree People’s Men’s Red Sandalwood Watch

tree-people-watch-10We already reviewed this watch offering from Tree People, and believe it definitely deserves a place on this list.  The first thing we noticed was the uniform red color of the entire timepiece.  The red sandalwood case, dial and band, and even the stitching are all different shades of red.  It is this unique quality that make this timepiece stand out among more traditionally colored watches.

The dial follows classic design principles – circular in shape, simple and straightforward hour indications and a logo just below the 12th hour.  As for the strap, it is made from cowhide leather.  Advertises have stated that it has been cut from a single piece of leather (which means no gluing involved!) and so offers more durability.

The watch stays well within conventional watch design principles – but what it does excel is its use of color.  Valued at least then $50, we feel this timepiece is worth consideration.

Verdict:  A unique and attractive looking timepiece with beautiful stitching and a red sandalwood polish.


9)  Woody Men’s Black Sandalwood Watch

Simply put, this is a classy watch.  We especially loved the golden touched hands, time markings and crown.  What’s more impressive is that you will find the clasp at the back is also colored gold, which is something you hardly find among similar designs.  With a case diameter of 1.57 inches (40 mm) it is suited for a small to medium sized wrist.

The rest of the design is elegant, clean and simple.  The dial features sharp metallic hour indications and hand.  These elements against the black backdrop and make time reading quite easy.

The black sandalwood watch case and band go very well with the dark dial.  You’ll find dark streaks throughout the sandalwood which add much needed variation to an otherwise uniform design.

Verdict:  A simple but elegant watch suitable for men with smaller wrists.  Featuring a unique gold colored clasp that blends in beautifully with the golden crown, hands, logo and time markings.


6)  Woonbee Men’s Dear Skull Bamboo Watch

Wonbee-Mens-Dear-Skull-Bamboo-WatchThere are so many similar designs out their incorporating bamboo but this one stood out to us because of the large dear symbol on the watch face.  Anyone from a distance can notice this pronounced logo and it will sure be a conversational topic.

Similar to other bamboo styles, the face of this watch is extremely simplistic which is a good thing – this is a watch without clutter.  You’ll find a simple dial  with second markings and black angled hands.

The deer skull logo is actually carved into the wood face.  This adds a premium look that we did not expect within this price range.  From our research, the watch band will accommodate most wrist sizes so no need to worry if this will fit you or not.  Weighing in at just under an ounce, this watch is one of the lightest on the market but you will still feel it on your wrist thanks to the texture of the cowhide leather band.  Refreshingly, user reviews have reported that this band is soft and comfortably wraps around the wrist.

Verdict:  The bold logo on the watch face accompanies a simplistic style that is common for bamboo watches.  Extremely affordable with signs of quality craftsmanship, we highly recommend this time keeper.


7)  Original Grain Men’s Whiskey Barrel Wood Wrist Watch

original-grain-whiskeyThis is the first and only wood and stainless steel hybrid on this list and we think it deserves our praise.  True to it’s name, the wood is made out of reclaimed American oak whiskey barrels.  Original grain have really nailed this concept.  The wood does clearly look like it was once part of a barrel and shows the wear and tear of time that is part of distilling whiskey.

The metal is expresso plated which gives it a bronzed look and matches the color of the watch hands.  At 4.96 ounces (141 g), it is heavier than its wooden counterparts so you’ll definitely feel the weight of the watch as you wear it.  The face itself features an industrial number design and simplified day of month display.

Verdict:  Perfect as a gift for a whiskey loving friend, Original Grain implements premium wood and metal design to create a unique and concept inspired timepiece.



6)  Tense Men’s Summit Butternut and Dark Sandalwood Watch

 Tense-Men's-Summit-Butternut-and-Dark-Sandalwood-WatchThe Tense summit watch is a great looking timepiece and showcases the expertise and craftsmanship that Tense are renowned for.  The dial features 3 functional windows – calendar date, day of week and a 24 hour display.  There are a lot of things happening on the dial and Tense have done a wonderful job of keeping everything clear and precise.  The elements that sit on the dial are white or gold colored which contrasts with the black backdrop.  The hands and hour markings are also luminescent which will make for possible readings of the time in low light conditions.

The wood also makes for a great talking point.  American butternut and African sandalwood is combined beautifully.  Butternut is a light weight walnut that is easily polished and is a light to medium tan color with a naturally silky luster. In contrast, the African sandalwood has a very dark complexion and blends in well with the color of the dial.

With a price tag over $200, you can be assured that this watch is high in quality and craftsmanship and comes with a 2 year limited warranty.  There are over a dozen different styles to choose from so there is something to appeal to everyone.

Verdict:  A watch high in quality, design and craftsmanship.  This timepiece showcases the peerless quality of Tense watches and justifies the relatively expensive price tag.


5)  Gassen James Omega Style Men’s Rosewood Watch

Gassen-James---Men's-Style-Omega-I-Rose-WoodThis is probably the most masculine looking watch on this list.  If you are a fan of big watches then the Omega watch may tickle your fancy.  The dial itself is 1.75 inches (44.45 mm) on all sides and the band is almost as wide as the watch case.  The hour indications are big and blocky along with the hour hands.  All the hands feature luminescent strips to make it easier to view the time in the dark.

The timepiece is made from African rosewood and is a medium to dark brown in color with streaks of brown-red.  It is a great looking wood and this watch – with its double band linking does a perfect job of showcasing it.

An interesting question to ask is ‘who is Gassen James’.  We’ve done a bit of googling and found that the brand was established in 1992 with its operations shifted to China in 1997.  It clearly looks like a Chinese brand with the intention of creating quality watches at a mid-level price.  From customer reviews, we can confidently recommend this timepiece.

Verdict:  At a modest price, this watch is perfect for men who are fans of big, bold and chunky watch design.


4)  Viable Harvest Men’s Red Sandalwood Watch

Viable-Harvest-Men's-Sandalwood-WatchValued at less than $50, viable harvest offers an attractive timepiece for those on a budget.  The dial features all black elements which stands out against the more vibrant color of the red sandalwood case.  You will find simple black hour indices with smaller black second markings.  Keeping a uniform design, the Viable Harvest logo is also black as well as the framing of the dial.

Only the case is made from wood with the remaining band being made from leather.  The red sandalwood features darker and lighter brownish-red streaks and adds the right amount of complexity to balance the uniform appearance of the band.

As for the band, it has several double red stitching lines and a buckle for easy adjustments.  The whole timepiece weighs in at only 0.96 ounces (27.22 g) making this piece lightweight even for a wooden watch!

Verdict:  Attractively priced and highly popular, this wooden watch is perfect as a gift idea.


3)  WeWood Assunt Nut Watch

wewood-watch-walnut-2The watch face design alone warrants the WeWood Assunt Nut watch a place on this list.  We loved it so much that we wrote full review which  you can read here.

The face almost looks like a 3-dimensional artwork – the different shades create the illusion of the watch hands sitting further out than they actually are.  In WeWood fashion, the crown and day of month display are angled against the watch instead of the 90 degrees you would typically find in other designs.

We appreciate the use of walnut – it is a premium wood that is extremely durable, so expect this watch to last.  The face is 1.81 inches (46 mm) in diameter and so is on the larger side of the watch spectrum.  It makes this timepiece suited for larger wrists.

Verdict:  An unique and intelligent look, the WeWood Assunt Nut watch features premium craftsmanship and materials which justify the price tag.



2) Luno Wear Men’s Wood Watch

 Luno-Wear-Mens-Ebony-Wood-WatchWe decided to add the Luno watch onto this list because it ode’s to a simpler time and does a good job of doing so.  We can’t think of too many wooden watches that speak to the past as well as the Luno watch. It has clean and elegant hour markings, classic watch hands and a stylized logo all on a simple white pine wood face.

The case is made out of smooth ebony wood and is connected together with a genuine leather band. The wood case has a protective finish to prevent oils and moisture from getting into the watch.  Of course it is always recommended to remove this watch during water based activities.  At 1.77 inches (45mm) in case diameter, the watch will certainly cover most wrists and is suitable for men – although it won’t stop women from purchasing such a classic looking timepiece.

Verdict:  A classic looking watch with a clean and elegant style.  High quality materials make for a durable and vintage looking timepiece.


1)  Men’s Best Wooden Watch:

Bewell Men’s Verawood Watch

bewell-green-sandalwoodMade out of a rustic green sandalwood this watch looks far beyond its years.  The wood looks almost dilapidated which adds a unique charm and perfectly complements the concept of time keeping.  The dark watch hands and dial markings go well with the black painted metal crown.  The day of month display is strikingly white and clear making for easy viewing.

The watch face is a smooth variety of sandalwood and works well to show a crisp view of the time.  This is a watch of two contrasting styles – the modern and clean look of the face against the aged appearance of the band and bezel.

All things considered, this watch deserves its number 1 spot on our list for 2017.  The quality construction, clear dial design and a price of around $30 make this watch too hard to pass up and it deserves to be recommended to anyone looking to purchase a wooden watch.

Verdict:  We loved the aged appearance mixed with a crisp and practical time display.  This model also comes in maple, ebony, red sandalwood and zebrawood. 


That concludes the top 15 best Wooden Watches for Men list for 2017.  We hope that this list was informative for you and helps you make the right purchasing decision!  Feel free to leave any comments below.