Welcome to our official top 15 list of WeWOOD watches for 2017.  We have gone through each and every WeWOOD watch to bring you what we believe are the best WeWOOD watches that you should consider purchasing.  Let the countdown begin!

15)  WeWOOD Men’s Oblivio Black Blue Watch

best wewood watch men's oblivioThis timepiece screams black and blue in a good way!  There are two dials on the face featuring blue hands and number indications as well as a blue strip through the crown.  To complete the blue look you’ll also find the logo tinged with blue.  The watch is made out of blackwood which is – you guessed it – black in appearance.  It is a relatively uniform looking wood and features diffuse pores and a generally straight grain.

This timepiece definitely gives off a retro ‘sporty’ vibe by using blue colors and making use of large and blocky hour indications.  This is a good looking timepiece but we feel that their is too much of the same color being used.  You may find it slightly difficult to read the time given the similar colors of the dial and hour indications.

Verdict:  A fun and sporty looking watch with nice color accents and a retro looking dial.  Similar number and dial coloring keep this watch from appearing higher on the list.

Update:  Unfortunately the blue variety is currently unavailable on amazon.com but a link has been provided for the chocolate color.


14)  WeWOOD Men’s Laguna Noce Watch

WeWOOD-Men's-Laguna-Noce WatchThis timepiece makes an appearance for one main reason – the wood.  It is known as Venetian Briccola and is harvested from oak mooring posts that have been placed in the canals of Venice to mark channel entries and to tie-off boats.  The timbers’ grain pattern and color is shaped by the weather and sea and results in a very rustic and weathered looking wood.

Although the wood looks aged, the components of the watch are nothing but modern.  Powered by premium Swiss movement, the dial features adjustable month, seconds and date windows.  The indices also glow in the dark making for easy viewing of the time in low light conditions.

The band ranges from a minimum length of 6.1 inches (155 mm) and 8.46 inches (215 mm) so it should fit most wrists.  There are 3 removable links on each side of the watch face to find your perfect fit.

Valued at $380, this is perhaps the most expensive WeWOOD watch, and we are guessing this is due to the wood.  If you are a fan of unique woods then this may scratch your itch.

Verdict:  An aged and weathered wood combines with modern day mechanical elements to create a spectacular looking timepiece.


 13)  WeWOOD Men’s Torpedo Choco-Linen Watch

WeWOOD Men's Torpedo Choco Linen WatchThe WeWOOD men’s Torpedo choco-linen watch features a large, circular wooden face made from Indian rosewood which means you will find streaks of purple and red throughout the wood face.  The case width is  1.8 inches (46 mm) across, with most of it being the dial – good news for fans of large faced watches!

The dial has a beautiful minimalist design.  There are long and vertical hour markings with similarly narrow and long hour, minute and second hands.  Second markings fill in the space between these indices for a more accurate reading.  The ‘WeWOOD’ text is inlaid in the dial and in line with the crown.  This logo has been intelligently placed on the side to create additional space.

The polyester band ranges from 6.1 inches (155 mm) to 8.5 inches (215 mm) and is easily adjustable with the stainless steel buckle.  As a signature for authenticity, the buckle also contains two incantations of the WeWOOD logo.  The band is visually pleasing and does indeed look like linen.  It has an authentic and rugged look which complements the natural wood face construction.

Verdict:  For fans of big faced watches, the Torpedo watch features a clean and precise dial with a polyester strap making for easy adjustments.


12)  WeWOOD Women’s Criss Black Gold Watch

WeWOOD Women's Criss Black Gold WatchWeWOOD have created a women’s watch with all the elements you would expect.  There is a decent level of ornamentation – the dial features gold touched hands and roman numbers.  Furthermore; the crown is also gold brushed which adds to the elegant flair of the overall design.  The classic rounded case combines gracefully with the bracelet.

African blackwood makes up the construction of this timepiece.  Blackwood is one of the hardest and densest woods available and so adds a natural durability.  The wood has a fine and even texture with very small pores, creating a smooth finish.

Interestingly, the minimum band length is only 6.3 inches (160 mm) which actually is a bit larger than some male models which start at 6.1 inches (155 mm).  With a maximum band length of 8 inches (200 mm), most women will be able to wear this watch without issue, just make sure your wrists are large enough.  The bracelet also features 4 removable links on either side of the case making for a comfortable fit.

Verdict:  The gold finishings combined with the African blackwood create a regal design that is perfect to complement a formal outfit.


 11)  WeWOOD Women’s Mira Nut Wood Watch

best WeWOOD watch Mira nutThe Mira Nut wood watch is a great and unique addition to the WeWOOD range.  Unlike many other WeWOOD watches it features a square face with the crown being placed on the left side (when facing the wearer).  The crown also features a colored strip that nicely complements the second hand color.

The watch is made out of walnut which is a high quality and extremely durable wood.  It is extremely hard to chip and damage so expect this watch to last a long time.  The dial also features a quirky hour color design – 6 of the hour markings are colored a darker shade than the other 6, perhaps to signify the day and night cycle.

Verdict:  A quirky watch with an intelligent and unique color design.  The premium walnut wood guarantees that this watch is a durable and aesthetically pleasing choice.



10)  WeWOOD Women’s Moon Deneb Beige Watch

WeWOOD Moon Deneb Biege WatchAnother great looking timepiece, the WeWOOD moon deneb beige watch is glittered with genuine Swarovski crystals inlaid into a delicate watch face.  Giving credit to the name, the crystals will reflect moonlight and make reading of the time possible in a low light environment.  The dial also includes metallic watch hands and the ‘WW’ abbreviated logo.  You’ll also find the brand name etched into the bezel.

The band length ranges from 6.3 inches (160 mm) to 7.1 inches (180 mm).  This is actually quite limited by WeWOOD’s standard so it is always handy to ensure that the watch will fit by making the correct wrist measurements.

Made from maple wood, you’ll find this piece to have a wavy grain pattern accompanied by a fine and even texture.  The color ranges from an off-white cream with the occasional reddish or golden hue.  The delicate complexion of maple make this wood a perfect choice for a female watch. Furthermore; it will complement a relaxed or formal outfit.

Verdict:  Modestly priced, the WeWOOD moon deneb beige watch is a perfect female companion.  The premium Swarovski crystals will make this piece glisten in the moonlight.


9)  WeWOOD Men’s Alpha Black Gold Watch

wewood watch reviews - alpha-blackTo kick of this list we have the WeWOOD alpha black gold watch which is made out of blackwood (a hardwood native to Tasmania).  Blackwood features a fine and even texture with small pores making this timepiece relatively conservative in appearance.  You will find darker and light brown streaks throughout the wood.

There are gold finishings on the watch hands and logo which complements the golden colored crown.  There is a date display situated near the bottom of the dial that looks crisp and clear again the black dial.  The dial features large but unobtrusive hour markings that create an uncluttered looking face.

This is a decent looking timepiece but we feel that the color design could have been better, especially considering that the numbers are quite dark against an already dark dial.  This watch comes in several other color and wood designs where this issue is non-existent.  Therefore; we place this watch at number 9.

Verdict:  A straight-forward watch with elegant gold finishing’s and a day of month display.  Be sure to check out the other colors in this line of watches.


8)  WeWOOD Men’s Leo Leather Chocolate Watch

WeWOOD Leo WatchThis timepiece is all about uniformity.  It features a brown leather band that is attached to an Indian rosewood case.  Surprisingly we found the time to be relatively easy to read considering that there isn’t too much variation in color.  The dark shades of the dial accents perfectly highlight the light browns of the dial text and hands.  We also loved the use of triangles for the 12,3,6 and 9 o’clock symbols which go well with the WeWOOD logo.

The bezel color is also a solid design choice.  It blends in well with the symbols on the dial and contrasts suitably with the leather band.  Expect this watch to fit most wrists comfortably courtesy of the adjustable leather band.  There is also black stitching on the band which adds a premium look and showcases a solid construction.

The watch face features two windows for tracking the day of the week and the date.  The thoughtful hand design allows for viewing of these dials as they pass over due to their hallowed frames.

Verdict:  A uniform and clean looking watch that makes smart use of color shades.  The leather band makes for easy adjustments and complements the natural color of the Indian Rosewood.


7)  WeWOOD Men’s Arrow Nut Watch

wewood watch reviews wewood-arrow-nutThis is one of the more simple looking watches on this list.  The WeWOOD Arrow Nut Watch is made out of walnut which is highly robust and sports a relatively smooth and clean look.

Suitably, the rest of the watch follows a similar look.  The face is a classic design – you will only find a day of month display and nothing else but the hour markings, logo and hands.

We decided to place this watch at number one because we think it does all the things right without being to verbose.  It showcases what WeWOOD is capable of when they only focus on bringing us a quality timepiece.  It’s always nice to have a relatively simple looking watch and WeWOOD have provided us that in this offering.

Verdict:  A simple watch design complements the smooth finishing of walnut.  This is a relaxed looking timepiece and is a perfect entry point for anyone looking to get their first wooden watch.


6)  WeWOOD Women’s Mimosa Chocolate Wooden Watch

best wewood watch mimosa blackAnother beautiful watch for women makes it onto this list.  The WeWOOD Mimosa Chocolate wooden watch is made out of Indian rosewood and features a suitably thin band making it perfect for a woman’s wrist.  The case diameter is 1.3 inches (33 mm) while the band has a maximum length of 8.3 inches (210 mm) and a minimum length of 6 inches (150 mm).

The wood itself is extremely durable so expect this watch to last.  The wood is scattered with darker streaks which add a unique appearance to each one of these time keepers.  The hour design is clear and precise and features 2 number markings which server to break up the hour lines.  WeWOOD have used their shorter ‘WW’ logo on the dial to complete the simplistic design.

Indeed, the most prominent feature of this watch is roundness of the face and how it looks bold against the narrow band.  This naturally draw attention to the dial which does well to show an easy viewing of the time.

Verdict:  Perfect dimensions for a woman’s wrist.  This watch is sleek and lightweight and uses a durable and well-polished wood.  Perfect for those wanting the shape of the watch face to be the primary talking point.


5)  WeWOOD Men’s Kardo Nut Watch

best wewood watches kardo nutThe WeWOOD Kardo Nut is a fascinating timepiece.  On close inspection you will notice that it is definitely one of the more complex watch face designs that WeWOOD offer.  This watch has two functional dials – a date display and a 24 hour display.

Now to the fascinating part – the dials are placed peculiarly on the right and bottom of the watch.  There are then two curved lines that mirror the bezel on the opposite side.  These are colored the same as the mini dials and serve to balance the design elements of the face.

Indeed, WeWOOD have created a watch with a very daring design – and it works wonderfully.  From the way the color elements are place on the watch to the yellow tipped second hand, there is something oddly satisfying about how this face look.  Surprisingly it is perfectly balanced.

Verdict:  WeWOOD show that assymetric design can work well when done right.  Use of Indian Rosewood add durability to this timepiece and propel it up this list.


 4)  WeWOOD Unisex Assunt Nut Watch

wewood-watch-reviews-assuntHow could we leave this watch off the list!  Made out of durable walnut wood, the WeWOOD Assunt nut watch is built to last.  It features a wonderfully unique dial design that showcases WeWOOD’s ability to create modern and artistic timepieces.

This design is all about detail.  From the subtle coloring of the 5th hour marking to the etched design on the bezel, this watch begs for a close inspection.  This watch also features a great hand design.  The hour and minute hands are frames so as to allow viewing of the watch dial through them.  This create more space on the watch design and is a welcome addition to complement the many design elements found here.

Verdict:  A unique and intelligent watch face design sits on a durable wood frame.  WeWOOD have created a surprisingly spacious looking dial using multiple design elements.  Highly recommended.



3)  WeWOOD Men’s Kappa Nut Brushed Watch

ATTACHMENT DETAILS WeWOOD-Mens-Kappa-Nut-BrushedKappa is WeWOOD’s flagship timepiece, and it is easy to see why.  Featuring 3 windows displaying hours, days and date – this is a statement timepiece from WeWOOD and showcases their expertise in carving functionality into wood.

Speaking of the wood, this particular model is made out of walnut with a brushed finish which highlights the already stunning elements of the timepiece.  Walnut is also a hard and sturdy wood so you’ll have to really bump this piece to cause any chips.

We can only fault the coloring of the three dials.  Although they blend in with the rest of the watch, it does make for difficult readings.  Be sure to check out other colors and woods in the Kappa range.

Verdict:  WeWOOD has expertly etched functionality into wood making for an intriguing timepiece.


2)  WeWOOD Men’s Jupiter Army Watch

WeWood Watch Reviews - Men's Jupiter ArmyThis is definitely one of the more unique looking timepieces on this list.  Firstly, the watch face is rectangular and features two Miyota powered movements.  There are two hour dials which can be individually adjusted so it is possible to keep track of two time zones.

Made out of Verawood, you can definitely see all the natural properties of the wood –  the grain ranges from straight to spiral with an even texture.  The case diameter is 1.89 inches (48 mm) with a thickness of 0.47 inches (12 mm) making this piece relatively large and suitable for medium to large wrists.

WeWOOD have created a rugged and functional looking watch.  You will find no logo on the watch face so there is more room for the dials.

Verdict:  A masculine and chunky looking timepiece.  The Jupiter Army watch comes with two functional time dials and is sure to be a favorite for dual movement enthusiasts.


1)  The Best WeWOOD Watch:

WeWOOD Women’s Date Flower Beige

best wewood watch date flower biege

Topping our list is the WeWOOD Date flower beige watch.  This is definitely a woman’s watch and it is easy to see why.  On the naturally creamy colored maple wood there is a flower design incorporating multiple colors.  You will be hard-pressed to find a more colorful watch across the WeWOOD range so expect this timepiece to garner plenty of attention.

The case is 1.65 inches (42 mm) in diameter which is quite large for a woman’s watch.  Then again it also provides more real estate to show off the vibrant and colorful flower print.  Another extremely popular choice is the men’s date beige watch which follows the same design except without the flower print.

Verdict:  For those women looking for a watch with a fun beach vibe.  Featuring a vibrant and colorful flower print design, this timekeeper is perfect for a chilled day in the sun.


That concludes the top 15 best WeWOOD Watches list for 2017.  We hope that this list was informative for you and helps you make the right purchasing decision!  Feel free to leave any comments below.