Welcome to our official top ten list of Treehut watches for 2017.  We have gone through each and every Treehut watch to bring you the best Treehut watches that you should consider purchasing.  Let the countdown begin!

10.  Treehut Men’s Zebrawood and Ebony Wooden Watch

treehut-mens-zebrawood-and-ebony-wooden-watch-reviewKicking off this list is the Treehut men’s zebrawood and ebony wood watch.  We found that the two contrasting wood styles complemented each other very nicely and is the highlight of this piece.

You’ll notice the zebrawood having a very ‘organic’ appearance.  There are visible pores as well as vivid dark and light stripes.  In contrast, the ebony wood has a sleek and smooth look with little pores and subtle variations in color.  What we have are two woods that fit along the black to brown color spectrum and do so well enough to complement each others strengths.

In line with Treehut design, the face is minimalist and features no hour indices.  Although this would make it difficult to gauge an accurate reading of the time, it is clear that the focus of this piece is on the colors and patterns of the design.

Verdict:  Beautifully contrasting woods come together to create this appealing timepiece.  The minimalist watch face draws focus to the gorgeous wood construction.


9.  Treehut Men’s Wooden Bamboo Watch

treehut-wooden-bamboo-reviewMade out of bamboo wood and sporting an extremely light weight build, the Treehut men’s wooden bamboo watch is an attractive option for the minimalist conscious wearer.  A genuine soft leather band attaches to a bamboo watch case that features a second etched dial.  The watch has a Japanese quartz movement and the battery is report to last for up to 5 years.

The band itself can be adjusted to fit 7 to 9 inch wrists so if you have particular small wrists then this might not be the best option for you.  The bamboo case looks great against the similarly colored leather band to complete the ‘wood’ look.

Verdict:  With a reputation for high quality and durability, be sure to consider this Treehut timepiece as a gift for yourself or others.


8.  Treehut Men’s Black Ebony Wooden Watch

treehut-mens-black-ebony-wooden-watch-reviewThis simple watch does so many things right.  The all ebony construction shows off a smooth and unblemished appearance that draws attention to the crisp and easy to read dial.

From a distance the watch appears to be all black but on closer inspection the details begin to show.  The ebony wood features light and dark streaks and splotches through the band and watch case.  This rounds of a light colored dial that has the white Treehut logo with accompanying white bodied hour hands and clean hour indices.

The case diameter is 1.7 inches (43 mm) making this timepiece medium sized and suitable for medium sized male wrists.  The band length is suited for wrists that are 7 (178 mm) to 9 inches (229 mm).

Verdict:  This watch is a delight to look at and is sure to be a joy to wear.  An all ebony construction gives a premium quality to this piece and makes the dial pop.


7.  Treehut Men’s Black Ebony Wooden Watch with leather band

treehut-mens-black-ebony-wooden-watch-with-genuine-black-leather-strap-reviewThe Treehut men’s black ebony wooden watch is another great addition to this list and worth considering.  It is the combination of the genuine black leather band and naturally dark  appearance of ebony wood that bump this watch up this list.  The leather band features double stitching on either side of the watch case (as well as near the buckle) which showcases sound craftsmanship.

The watch case features light and darker shades of wood grain throughout the construction.  The dial complements this by also featuring a similar colored design.  The white tree hut logo stands out against the dark complexion of the watch and you will only find the watch hands to be the only other element on the dial.

Verdict:  Another minimalist entry onto this list.  Treehut has created an easy to wear dark looking timepiece that can complement a formal or classic look.


6.  Treehut Men’s Zebrawood Wooden Watch

treehut-mens-zebrawood-wooden-watch-reviewAmongst the woods used to construct watches, zebrawood can be considered the more organic looking amongst them.  Even from a distance you can notice the visible pores on the wood which are randomly scattered.

There are also dark stripes, hence giving meaning to the ‘zebra’ part of the name.  These stripes give great depth and variety to the piece and add a vibrancy that comes with using zebrawood.  The watch face is a classic design with hour indices including 4 hour numbers.  A quirky feature is that the watch hands are reported to glow in the dark which is useful.

Verdict:  The 100% natural zebrawood construction is the centrepiece in this timepiece.  Treehut have done a brilliant job in creating a vibrant and colorful watch.



5.  Treehut Men’s Purple Heart Bamboo Wooden Watch

treehut-mens-purple-heart-bamboo-wooden-watch-reviewIt is the combination of the red stitching that goes so well with the purple heart color of the dial that places this watch higher on this list.  Treehut have created a truly unique and minimalist timepiece.  The wood case is 100% bamboo and is unpainted with a polished woodgrain finish.

The strap is made from real leather and is easy to adjust which means that this piece should fit just about any wrist.  The face design is extremely simple with black watch hands that complement the black logo.

Verdict:  An interesting looking watch that shows that an atypical color scheme can create a great looking timepiece.



4.  Treehut Men’s Bamboo and Zebrawood Wooden Watch

treehut-mens-bamboo-wooden-watch-with-zebrawood-wood-strap-reviewWhat’s great about this watch is the clean look of the wood which complements the crisp looking dial.  Bamboo wood comprises of the watch case while the band is made from zebrawood.  Both woods are similar looking with visible pores throughout the construction.  As for the grain, it is fairly uniform and consistent.  It looks that Treehut has picked a cut of zebrawood that doesn’t feature the typical stripes you would normally see.  The end result is a uniform appearance.

Like other Treehut watches, the watch face is minimalist in appearance and doesn’t go against the overall design intention.  The dial has a light appearance with light features which allows an easy blend with the bamboo lug and zebrawood band.

Verdict:  A clean and crisp looking timepiece.  We appreciate the zebrawood and bamboo construction that does a good job of creating a uniform look.


3.  Treehut Men’s Rosewood and Ebony Wood Watch

treehut-mens-rosewood-and-ebony-wooden-watch-reviewThe Treehut’s men’s rosewood and ebony wooden watch features two woods that have a similar texture and pore distribution but we can thank the rosewood for making this timepiece ‘pop’.  The rosewood features a striped grain pattern so it makes sense that it has been used as part of the links and bezel where it gets moved to the front of the viewing space.

We love the maple-ish background of the dial which makes the black hour indices and white hour hands stand out and easy to view.  The rosewood color complements the ebony nicely and adds an elegant touch to a smooth looking timepiece.

Verdict:  This watch makes a statement by implementing rosewood with an ebony wood construction.  The crisp dial makes for easy viewing of the time.


2.  Treehut Men’s Walnut and Ebony Wooden Watch

treehut-mens-walnut-and-ebony-wooden-watch-reviewThis timepiece merges two woods together to create a truly long lasting and unique fashion accessory.  The ebony and walnut look similar from a distance but upon closer inspection you’ll see the conventional differences.

The walnut makes up the bezel and inner links.  You’ll notice the walnut is more porous than the ebony and feature a lighter complexion.  Another great looking feature is the lime green second hands and white hour indices on the dial.  This makes for super easy viewing of the time and adds a modern edge to an otherwise classical looking timepiece.

Verdict:  A great conversation starter, this watch marriages two similar (but not so similar) woods to create a durable and sturdy time keeper.  The addition of the lime second hands adds a nice color variation.



1.  Best Treehut Watch:  Men’s Ebony Walnut Burl Wooden Watch with Leather Band

treehut-mens-ebony-walnut-burl-wooden-watch-with-genuine-black-leather-reviewAt the top of this list is a watch which uses color schemes to great effect.  The cyan colored double stitching blends in brilliantly with second hand – it creates cohesion in a timepiece that uses a variety of styles and colors.  The genuine black leather band goes well with the dark features on the dial and it also makes the cyan stitching stand out even more.

The ebony case rounds off the walnut burl dial.  For those that don’t know, a burl is a rounded knotty growth on a tree and features a unique and complex pattern.  Treehut have done a great job of displaying this in the most eye-catching part of the watch.  Another nice touch is that the hour hands and logo are actually etched into this burl which creates a natural look and shows great attention to detail.

Verdict:  A great looking timepiece that combines different color schemes and woods to create a truly unique and impressionable time keeper.


That concludes the top ten best Treehut watches list for 2017.  We hope that this list was informative for you and helps you make the right purchasing decision!  Feel free to leave any comments below.