Welcome to our official top ten list for Tense wooden watches.  Their are dozens of Tense wood watches on the market and we have decided to cut that number down to ten. Of course, no list can be exhaustive, but we have done our best to pick what we think are the best Tense watches.  Let the countdown begin!

10.  Tense Men’s Oregon Zebrawood Watch

tense-mens-orgeon-zebrawood-watch-reviewThe Oregon watch is industrious looking with a hexagon shaped face and 8 metallic knobs on the bezel.  The dial has 12 large roman number hour indications with classic looking luminescent hands.  You’ll also find a calendar display that is framed with a similar color to the zebrawood.

The zebrawood construction is fantastic to look at, especially considering the extra-large band that Tense have decided to use.  There are visible pores throughout the watch and the zebrawood is striped in appearance with darker and lighter streaks.

Verdict:  This model showcases the strengths of zebrawood brilliantly.  An excellent color scheme and use of roman numerals make this an appealing watch.



9.  Tense Unisex Comox Rosewood and Green Sandalwood Watch

tense-unisex-comox-rosewood-and-green-sandalwood-watch-reviewThe Tense Comox watch features unique branding and dial design that earn it a place on this list.  The dial has the ‘Tense wooden collection’ logo branded on a separate metal plate which adds a premium quality to the watch.  You’ll also find a calendar display on this plate.  We loved the additional 4 minute markings on the dial that are a smaller font than the other markings.  It almost adds a tunnel like appearance to the dial, as if we are peering into a 3-dimensional viewpoint.

The rosewood and green sandalwood is a good combination and showcases the subtle grain changes of the rosewood against the more varied texture of the sandalwood.  This watch is marketed towards both men and women with the case width being a modest 1.5 inches (38 mm) and the band width being a decently large 0.82 inches (21 mm).

Verdict:  The comox watch reminds us of some fictional car brand from the 80s.  With a ‘drive-through’ looking dial, this is a fun watch to look at and delivers the quality craftsmanship expected at this price point.


8.  Tense Women’s Pacific Black and Red Sandalwood Watch

tense-womens-pacific-wood-watch-reviewThe Tense women’s pacific wood watch is made from two toned sandalwood – black and red.  It features a H-link style band with 12 hour hands.  The beauty of this timepiece is the simplicity of the design.

The dial is classically designed and is reminiscent of those old clocks you would find inside a school or other public building.  The bezel is black sandalwood and contrasts against the red color.  This in effect draws attention to the dial and the black hands.  The case diameter is 1.02 inches (26 mm) making it perfect for a woman.  The band width is also a great ratio (twice as small) so this watch will definitely look proportional on your wrist.

Verdict:  A simple and elegant watch for the female wrist.  Features a classic dial and a H-link style band.



7.  Tense Men’s Chinook Rosewood and Dark Sandalwood Watch

tense-mens-chinook-rosewood-and-dark-sandalwood-watch-reviewThe Tense chinook watch is a large timepiece that has a unique and retro-inspired dial design.  The dial features 3 window indicators – a 24 hour display, calendar and day of week display which are square shaped.  A uniform design is kept with the dial and face also being square.  The dial has a great color design as well.  The red second hand makes for easier viewing of the time and blends in with the subtle red second markings on the dial.

The dial back drop is also something worth noting.  It is a two toned design which provides just the right amount of contrast without adding too much distraction.  The dark and white shades do well to highlight the similarly colored elements of the time markings.

This particular model is made from rosewood and dark sandalwood which make up the bezel and double linked band.

Verdict:  A great use of color design on the dial make this timepiece stand out.  This is a masculine looking piece that is sure to appeal to the functional minded man.


6.  Tense Men’s Vernon Maple and Walnut Watch

tense-mens-vernon-maple-and-walnut-wood-watch-reviewThis timepiece follows the jumbo design that Tense has applied to some of its production of watches.  The width of the case is 2.13 inches (54 mm) making this one of the largest watches and suitable for men who like chunky accessories.  The band is also double linked and is 1.06 inches (27 mm) at its narrowest.

There are many variations of this model but this one was chosen due to it being made from American walnut and Canadian maple wood.  Walnut is a hard and dense wood that polishes extremely well to leave a smooth finish.  The color is a dark chocolate.  The maple is cream colored and features a more wavy texture.  Overall the combination of these woods creates a milk coffee colored timepiece.

The wood is not the only attractive feature – the dial is quite remarkable as well.  The dial features functional hourly, calendar and 24 hour windows with 3 hour markings and 9 hour indices.  The dial is finished with a sunset looking color which complements the natural colors of the wood.  Furthermore; the dial also has second increment markings to provide separation between itself and the wood face.

Verdict:  A great looking timepiece made from quality wood and featuring premium 3 dial functionality.  For men who enjoy over-sized watches. 


5.  Tense Men’s Metro Rosewood Watch

tense-mens-metro-collection-metallic-dial-rosewood-reviewThis is a great retro-inspired timepiece where all of the attention is in the dial.  It almost looks like the dial is made of vinyl – on close inspection you’ll notice several circular patterns that expand outwards towards the bezel.

To complement this look are several metallic finishings, and this is where Tense showcases great attention to detail and craftsmanship.  The day of month display is metallic framed and the hands as well as hour markings show off a similar design.  We especially loved the very centre circle of the dial which shows off a violet glimmering color and creates a sense of space and consequently makes the time easier to read.

The watch is made from African rosewood which ranges from a pinkish red to a darker reddish brown with lighter and darker streaks.  The grain is fairly straight and fine.  This color naturally complements the dial and completes the look of an excellent timepiece.

 Verdict:  An exquisite looking timepiece with a detailed and retro inspired dial.  Highly recommended.


4.  Tense Unisex Kootenay Dark and Green Sandalwood Watch

tense-unisex-katooney-dark-and-green-sandalwood-watch-reviewThe Kooteney watch is a unisex piece which features a calendar date function on a unique hexagon face.  Appealing to both sexes, the face is not exactly a square (more masculine) and not circular (more feminine).  Naturally the dial and bezel are also hexagon shaped which brings a structured and retro look to the entire piece.  To complement this is metallic framing, hour hands and hour indications.

We also love the ribbed looking texture starting towards the edge of the dial which makes the dial indications looks more subdued against the mellow dark and green sandalwood.  The case width is 1.5 inches (38 mm) making this piece perfect for both males and females.

Verdict:  A triumph of hexagonal design, this timepiece is sure to appeal to both men and women.  The relaxed black sandalwood and green sandalwood complement the retro feel of this design.



3.  Tense Women’s Maria Tw0 Toned Sandalwood Watch

tense-womens-maria-two-toned-sandalwood-watch-reviewIt is not too often you see a watch with heart-shaped links, and this is the main selling point in this watch design.  Each link is separated by gold beads and banded together with elastic.  This makes for super easy adjusting so no need to take this piece to the jeweler.

Another good point about this piece is the unique construction of the two toned sandalwood.  There is no separation between the two tones, one link may consist of both colors while another may not.  We love this style because it gives an especially organic and unique flavor to the piece and it is sure to please many a wood lover.

As for the dial it follows a minimalist design with black hour number indications and hour hands.  Clearly the main focus of this piece is the shape of the links and the unique mixture of the wood color.  Tense has done a great job of showcasing this type of craftsmanship.

Verdict:  A unique looking timepiece with heart-shaped links that is sure to please.  An elastic band and an organic presentation of the two toned wood make this piece a favorite among women.


2.  Tense Men’s Summit Dark Sandalwood and Rosewood watch

tense-mens-summit-rosewood-and-black-sandalwood-watch-reviewAnother great addition to this list is the Tense men’s two tone summit watch made from dark sandalwood and rosewood.  The main attraction of this watch is the 3 eyes positioned triangularly on the dial.  The bottom is a 24 hour display, the left is the day of week and the right is the calendar date.  They are all functional and can be adjusted using the stainless steel crown.

Intentional or not, we especially enjoyed the sun design on the dial which is in line with the concept of time.  The dial has an inner yellowish circle which is surrounded by hour marks that actually appear to be sun rays.  This adds a unique flavor to the dial and definitely warrants this watches place on this list.

Verdict:  A fantastic multi-functional watch with an interesting and unique dial design.



1.  The Best Tense Watch:  Tense Men’s Trail Dark Sandalwood Watch

tense-mens-trail-dark-sandalwood-watch-reviewThe Tense men’s trail watch is a testament to divergent design.  We have a circular looking dial surrounded by a square bulging face.  It’s a great look that adds a 3 dimensional effect and makes the dial ‘pop’ out.

The face features 4 metallic looking screws and a silver dial which looks great against the dark sandalwood.  There are 11 hour indices with one being replaced with a calendar display that is framed with the same material of the indices.  The indices are separated by second markings that allow for a more precise reading of the time.

This is definitely a formal, clean and modern looking timepiece that is further exemplified by the dark sandalwood.  Such a piece would go well with professional or dark clothing.  The band (0.98 inches or 25 mm wide) is close to half the diameter of the watch face making this piece perfect for men with medium sized wrists.

Verdict:  A clean looking piece that complements a formal style.  The circular dial stands out against the square watch face and makes this piece ‘pop’.  Tense men’s trail dark sandalwood watch comes out on top of our 2016 edition of the best Tense watches.


That concludes the top ten best Tense watches list for 2017.  We hope that this list was informative for you and helps you make the right purchasing decision!  Feel free to leave a comment below.