Welcome to our official top ten list for Bewell watches for 2017.  We have gone through each and every Bewell watch to bring you what we believe are the best Bewell watches that you should consider purchasing.  Let the countdown begin!

10.  Bewell ZS-W021A Men’s Verawood Watch

bewell-zs-w021a-mens-verawood reviewKicking off this list is probably one of the most unique and unusual looking Bewell watches.  It deservers mention here because its quirky design is sure to appeal to many.  It features a blinking dial with an analog and digital preview of the time.  There is a central crown for adjustments as well as 4 knobs (2 on either side of the case).

This is definitely one of the larger watches that Bewell offer.  The dial diameter is 1.85 inches (47 mm) with the band being almost as large and slowly narrowing towards the clasp.  This watch attempts to marriage digital and analog elements together – we’ll leave it up to you on whether this has failed or not!

Verdict:  A quirky timepiece that combines digital and analog elements on a verawood construction.


9.  Bewell ZS-W038A Unisex Verawood Watch

bewell-unisex-zs-w038a-verawood-watch ReviewThe standout feature on this watch is the unique dial design.  We love the placing (and lack thereof) of the hour numbers.  The 3 hour hand is missing and instead replaced by the ‘Bewell’ logo.  The other hour marks are circular disks which give a modern edge to this piece and give it unisex appeal.  The bezel features an etched design and sits upon a 1.57 inch (40 mm) case.  This is one of the few sizes that can suit a mans and a woman’s wrist.

Verawood is a great wood choice and naturally gives the watch an aged and rustic like appearance.  This model also comes in ebony and red sandalwood variations if that is what you are after.

Verdict:  A great looking timepiece with an intelligent and unique dial design.


8.  Bewell 123A Women’s Red Sandalwood Watch

Bewell-Womens-123A-Red-Sandalwood-Watch ReviewIt’s nice to be able to find another woman’s watch that deserves a place on this list.  We enjoyed this timepiece because of the simplicity of the design.  The watch face is not at all crowded and shouldn’t be – after all the case is only 1 inch (25.4 mm) across.  This is perfect dimensions for a woman’s wrist.  Similarly, the band width is 0.51 inches (13 mm) which make it almost half the size of the dial – a ratio in line with female watch design standards.

The dial features elegant and classic hour numbers with sharp hands.  Rounding the dial is second increments followed by the red sandalwood bezel.  The crown is metal which adds durability but you probably won’t be using it too much since only the time needs to be set in this model.

Verdict:  A small and sweet timepiece that is well suited as an accessory for a woman’s wardrobe.  The red sandalwood is a great choice and should suit most fashion ensembles. 


7.  Bewell ZS-W021C Mens Maple Wooden Watch

Bewell-Mens-ZS-W021C-Maple-Wooden-Watch ReviewWe did not find too many reviews of this product on amazon but can definitely vouch for it based on our own personal experience.  Maple is a perfect choice for this watch which has a large 1.97 inch (50 mm) case diameter and a 1.18 inch (30 mm) band width.  The naturally off-white cream color of maple and its natural luster make the watch appear larger than it actually is.

The watch face features two adjustable dials which can be handy if you need to keep track of two time-zones.  Regardless of how you wish to use it, we found it to be a nice design feature that adds practical functionality to a large, chunky and masculine looking watch.  The bezel also angles off from the face which is something you don’t often see, and showcases quality craftsmanship.

Verdict:  A functional and manly looking watch.  The two time zone functionality is a handy feature which is sure to please.


6.  Bewell W109A Men’s Ebony and Red Sandalwood Watch

bewell-w109a-mens-ebony-and-red-sandalwood-watch ReviewThis is a great looking watch that combines red sandalwood and ebony wood to create a chunky conversation starter.  The sandalwood makes up the inner links of the band while the ebony completes the rest of the construction.  These two woods complement each other – they both have a smooth and polished finish and the sandalwood features a complex grain to counter-act the uniform ebony.

The band is 1.1 inches or 28 mm thick which is on the larger side of watch bands and will is suited for medium to large wrists.  The bezel features 12 metallic knobs which give off a mechanical, industrious vibe – perfect for a man’s watch.  As for the dial, it features a red wood backdrop, roman numeral hour markings and an day of month display.  Like the rest of the watch, the hands are quite large, making for easy viewing of the time.

Verdict:  A large and bold watch.  We love the knobs on the dial and the combination of the red sandalwood and ebony wood.  A highly recommended man’s watch.


5.  Bewell ZS-W020A Women’s Red Sandalwood Watch

Bewell ZS-W020A-womens red sandalwood watch reviewThe Bewell women’s red sandalwood watch definitely deserves a place on this list.  The red sandalwood looks great and features dark streaks throughout the construction.  With a case diameter of 1.32 inches (33.5 mm) it will fit most women’s wrists.  The watch features a dial with a red sandy backdrop with hour indices and a day of month display.

We all thought this was a cute little watch that would make for a perfect fashion accessory.  The bezel design is a standout element as it features etched markings and showcases excellent craftsmanship.

Verdict:  Considering the price you can’t look past the Bewell red sandalwood watch.  Perfect as a gift for that special someone.



4.  BEWELL ZS-100BG Men’s Red Sandalwood and Maple Watch

Bewell Mens zs 100bg red sandalwood watch reviewWe absolutely loved the concept of the divers’ watch that has been integrated into this design.  At this price, we can overlook the fact that it indeed does not work and is there for presentation only.  The bezel is bordered by the metallic design of a divers watch ring.  To complete the look, the bezel features second markings and sits between another metallic ring that circles the dial.  Along with this, the day of month display has a cyclops to amplify the viewing field.

The red sandalwood and maple construction looks fantastic and showcases the craftsmanship that went into making this watch.  Fittingly, the maple has been used as the bezel which blends in well with the maple-esque looking dial.

Verdict:  An interesting looking timepiece that plays on the concept of the divers watch.  Recommended for enthusiasts.


3.  Bewell ZS-W065A Men’s Maple Watch

bewell-mens-w065a-maple-watch-reviewFeaturing a roman numeral dial, this watch incorporates classic and contemporary design elements.  The bezel has been shaped with groves which add a noticeable tactile feel and makes the watch feel more authentic.

The hands are luminous making for easy observation in a low light environment.  To keep up with the black ringed dial, Bewell have kept the hour markings black as well instead of choosing to make them luminous.  There is an etched design on the bezel which sits nicely on the maple wood.  The creamy-white complexion of the maple wood makes the black elements stand out and appear crisper then they actually are.

Verdict:  This is a great neutral entry onto this list, sure to please most watch lovers.  This model is also constructed with other woods in case maple isn’t for you.


2.  Bewell ZS-W023A Men’s Ebony Wood Watch

Bewell Mens ZS W023A Ebony Wood Watch ReviewThe Bewell ZS-W023A men’s wooden watch gets a deserved mention on this list due to its classic design mashed with some quirkiness.  The ebony wood does a good job of showcasing the quality craftsmanship of Bewell designed watches.  The watch features an all-natural ebony finish – you’ll find no use of lacquer or stains.

The bezel has a compass marking and feature a ‘zigzag’ cut out design.  As for the dial, it has luminescent hands and hour markings making it possible to read the time in the dark.  There is also a day of month display which can be easily adjusted using the grip-friendly crown.

Verdict:  A classic looking timepiece with modern quirky twist.  Be sure to check out the other woods that this model comes in.


1.  The Best Bewell Watch:  Bewell ZS-W086B Men’s Verawood Watch

Bewell Men's ZS-W086B Verawood watch reviewComing it at number 1 is the Bewell men’s verawood watch.  This is a great rustic looking timepiece – it just makes sense to have a wood that looks aged and weathered which is synonymous with the concept of time.   Verawood ranges from a pale yellowish olive to a deeper forest green or dark brown.  What’s exciting is that the color will darken as the watch ages which truly gives meaning to the ‘passage of time’.

What we especially admire is the crispness of the dial despite the aged appearance of the watch.  The hour hands look so clear against the dial, almost like a hi-resolution photo which makes for super easy viewing.  This extends to the day of month display which pops against the backdrop of the dial.

The face is rounded off with a bezel featuring etched time markings and the Bewell text.  The crown has an easy grip design so you’ll have no issues adjusting the day of month display.

Verdict:  The verawood is the standout performer in this watch.  The complex colors tell a narrative that will change with time.  The dial features one of the most clear and crisp designs in wood watches and so it is our pleasure to rank this as the best Bewell watch.


That concludes the top ten best wooden watches for women list for 2017.  We hope that this list was informative for you and helps you make the right purchasing decision!  Feel free to leave any comments below.