Apache Pine Wooden Watches

Apache Pine Wooden Watches

Apache Pine was formed by a group of friends – Jordan, Ethan, Nate and Marcus – whose roots trace back to time spent together skiing, biking, hiking and exploring the mountains of Idaho.

The brand is a memento to the good times they have spent outdoors and serves as a reminder of nature and the excitement of exploration.  The products sold include knifes, shirts, sunglasses and watches.

They have named their timepieces based on their experiences with nature. The range includes ‘The Ridge’, ‘The Original’, ‘Sqwatch’, ‘The Wild’, ‘The Wake’, ‘The Rainer’ and ‘The Arrow’.  Like the founders, if you have a close connection to nature then these watches will perhaps be a sentimental purchase as well as a material one.

Apache Pine - 'The Arrow'

‘The Arrow’

Priced at around $100, all of their watches contain a premium Swiss quartz Ronda 762 movement.  The woods used include black sandalwood, bamboo, maple and zebrawood with the bands being made out of either wood, genuine leather or black canvas.

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