Analog Watch Co. Wooden Watches

Analog Watch Co. Wooden Watches

After graduating with a Bachelor of science in industrial and product design from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Lorenzo Buffa found himself out of work and cleaning toilets.

He then took to Kickstarter in 2013 to launch his first collection, raising $75,000 in funding. Thus, Analog Watch Co. was born and today the studio produces 3 collections of watches – carpenter collection (wood), classic collection and the mason collection (marble).

Wearing Nature

“Wooden watches already exist – but they copy metal and alloy designs. We want to redefine how wood can be used.” – Lorenzo Buffa

Analog Watch Co. have set out to produce watches that are not a simply copy of their metal and plastic counterparts. Rather they have designed watches from the ground up that represent the material they are made from.

Analog-Watch-Co-Collection-carpenter collection

The carpenter collection features watches built from blackwood, makore, red sanders, silverheart, maple, teak and bamboo. In a world first, the straps are made of a soft and bendable wood and crafted by expert Amish Leathersmiths in Lancester, Pennsylvania.  Priced at $150, the watches are powered by Japanese quartz movement and feature a gold finishing.

Analog Watch Co. also offer an option of including hour hands for an additional price.  It is worth considering this brand if you enjoy minimalist design.  There is no branding and the design is gender-neutral to appeal to all sexes.  The result is a eco-conscious product that is 80% bio-degradable.

The business has also partnered with a non-profit initiative – Trees for the Future – which means that for every timepiece bought, a tree is planted.

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