The Wood Watch Review was conceived from the frustration that myself and others have experienced when looking to purchase a watch.  There were simply not many sites out their that provided unbiased and honest reviews.  So I have set up this site with the intention of providing you more information on a watch product before you decide to make a purchase.

Why Wooden Watches?

We made the decision to focus on wooden watches because it is a market that we are passionate about.  A majority of wood watch brands offer environmentally friendly products and plant a tree for every watch sold – so on top of purchasing a beautiful product we are also doing a little bit to help the earth.  Many wood watches have amazing designs that take full advantage of the natural properties of wood.  You will find many intricate details on these timepieces that are simply not available on their synthetic and metal counterparts.  Elements like the wood grain, texture and the natural luster of the wood all come in to play to create a truly unique timepiece – no two watches are identical!

What you can Expect from the Wood Watch Review

We want to provide you unbiased reviews that help you make a decision when purchasing a wood watch.  We will give you our own opinion as well as factual details about the watch.  Our website also includes other content like how-to’s and other watch guides to help you gain better knowledge on other aspects of wood watches.  Feel free to leave comments on our articles and provide feedback – good or bad!  It is our intention to continually improve the quality of content and engage with the community.

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